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  • Sugar N Spice Costumes

    • Who: Sugar N Spice Costumes
      Where: https://www.sugarnspicecostumes.com/
      When: 12/31/2015
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I had contacted this seller before and expressed an interest in getting a fursuit from them. 

    I first contacted them on furaffinity.

    They were very excited to work with me and were looking for furs before I had ever officially decided to buy. 



    On December 31st 2015 I had finally placed the order and sent the down payment.




    Jump to July 23rd, 2016

    My suit is "done"


    I would like to make it VERY clear that I did not start this note, this was not a reply to a note of mine. They told me the suit is done 100% on their own with no prompting. 


    After this note they went silent.
    There were many comments on their furaffinty shout section asking where they were. I was also wondering. 
    I went and explored and found their facebook to contact them. 



    I was told that they had lost their passwords for all of their sites. All of them. 
    I hadn't only contacted facebook, I found their Instagram and twitter as well. Facebook was the only place I was answered.


    November 24th - 26th, 2016


    I asked if the suit would be done by June 2017


    Still November 2017: suit is done, just needs eyes. 


    January 2017
    I ask for signs of life

    They did send an image in January 2017


    After I got the picture I asked about feet being made (I was unaware that I wasn't buying feet, this wasn't made clear at time of purchase.)



    In January 2017: "full partial, including feet, will be done by BLFC 2017 (June)



    April 4th, 2017 I received a note on furaffinity saying Moose is "almost finished" and will be shipped in a week. 
    Please see above, in 2016, where they said Moose was done and Nov. 2017 when the suit would be done in a week.



    June 2017
    BLFC promised due date

    They responded to nothing. I'm just fretting over getting this suit after chasing them across multiple accounts and am afraid they're trying to hide from me again. 

    We eventually decide 2 would be better for both of us, instead of noon.

    I eventually got the suit.... 

    But without the feet. 

    June 30th, 2017. 
    At this point I'm still missing feet... and they're offering a full body suit. I'm very wary. 



    So I ask how much just the fur would be (I figure I could get literally anyone else to make the body)



    They promise all the fur + the feet




    I was then ignored again



    December 19th, 2017

    I filed a paypal dispute, which they ultimately ignored, causing paypal to side with me and refund me for the fur.





    December 20th 2017



    January 29th, 2018



    February 6th, 2018


    They claim twitter lost a message, maybe it did. 

    Here's what I saw on MY end


    Whether or not twitter actually lost the messages or they just didn't send them, I don't know for sure. 


    March 12th 2018 

    The feet arrive! In...the wrong... colors....




    The fur for the tail, hands and head are all really desaturated brown. 
    The feet are RED brown 





    The suit

    The suit is well made and followed the ref pretty closely!
    The feet were the wrong shades of brown compared to the rest of the suit (was refunded) and her horns were almost nonexistent (I made my own horns and added them myself).


    original head


    horns I added





    They're perfectly nice people and the suit is adorable and well made but they have a big problem with deadlines and lying. Their biggest problem was account dodging and ignoring me entirely. 
    They would just disappear from all accounts. They'd claim they lost passwords on all their accounts but they'd magically find them all later. 
    They'd make promises they never kept and lied about finishing things that wouldn't actually be finished for another year or more after.  The lying is the most startling because when they claimed the suit was entirely finished (more than a year before it actually was) it was unprompted. They noted me on their own to lie to me about it being finished. 

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    All of that lying is very troubling.  Would definitely avoid them based on that alone, no matter how well the construction is.

    I'm very sorry you had to deal with all of their lying, running around, etc.

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