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  • Beware @\SugarPup

    • Who: SugarPup
      Where: Telegram
      When: 01/24/2020
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    I feel i should do this after urging from an artist friend. early this year before a friends birthday i commissioned SugarPup on telegram from a local group chat. the art piece i ordered was something i dont believe was very much but it was 3 characters in a small shaded piece sitting together.



    thinking hey life gets busy and as an artist it would be valid to have a que for art i asked if they did indeed have one which you can see at the bottom of this post.

    At the price i have paid it was said to be at $45 but i did the transfer as friends and family since it wouldn't need them to pay for the full payment as such it came out at $46.61. since this is a decent chunk of change as at this point life had some curveballs and i lost my job i was a little more on edge with anything i spent money on



    as of this month, (july) there hasnt been any progress on the art piece to my knowledge and  after multiple conversations spanning months to date usually simple things like. "hey hows things going with the art piece?'" but being a trusting person i am not sure how much of her replies have been valid with irl things happening alot to herself and her dogs they own so i gave them more time.



    at first it was a simple 2 month delay and i checked in in march. but as of now in july currently the 26 at time of posting i havent heard back from her and her telegram nickname has changed and the group we shared at one point she is no longer in so im not entirely sure if she is ghosting me or if something else has come up hence why this is a caution. granted ive been lucky and had an artist take a while due to other circumstances.,I cant go into who but it took over a year but i did finally get the piece and some extra material as compensation for the delay. i currently have no way of knowing if SugarPup has done any work on my commision to date or if she will ever finish or send it forward as she still has no art que to my knowledge and i cannot get ahold of the artist via any known means


    i would love to get my money back or get my commision but im not sure what steps to take from here... ;-;

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    Sorry to hear about this!

    You might have to send another message asking for another update on your art specifically, as sometimes I've heard some artists will see general "are you okay" or "how are you" messages as just being friendly chit chat and not needing to reply if they dont want to talk.

    Unfortunately you're out of PayPal's refund window as well, so all you can really do is hope you get the art or the refund, and continue to message them every so often.

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    Never send through friends and family, as that strips you of all buyer's protection. If an artist claims it to avoid the PayPal fees, it's a red flag.

    That said, and I'm in no way approving an artist ignoring a client and they were clearly hard to get hold of from the beginning, please avoid the RP texting you gave the artist. It's highly unprofessional to be *waving* and *poking* and s-studdering their "h-hello"s like (I presume) your character. I would certainly want to avoid that discomfort by refusing further work from you, as it's too familiar from a business standpoint. (No disrespect intended.)

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    I suggest writing up a professional ask for an update, like 'Hey, its been X time, and I'd like to know the status of my commission, and see a WIP. If no WIP is present, I would like to request a refund.'. RP type, and 'friendly chit chat' is a huge no in a business setting. They probably think youre just giving friendly banter, and not actually the status of your comm, as said in the above two comments. I also refuse clients who do this because it makes us, the artists, very uncomfortable.

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