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  • Beware: Squeedgemonster

    • Who: Squeedgemonster
      Where: https://twitter.com/squeedgemonster
      When: 07/01/2019
      What: Other (Explain Below)

    In July of 2019 I preordered a set of kaiju pins from Squeedgemonster, and they received my money the same day. In the proceeding months the pins were never sent, although they were received by the artist by October. The artist provided their e-mail to send all questions to, as they were purging their social media accounts of accounts that they were following, and closed their DMs on those websites. However, since October, they have not answered a single one of these emails, and have not spoken about the pins at all since December, despite being active since then.

    The following is the original announcement tweet, from March 29 2019.

    image.png.4b3b307b179c4e642f375459597a0269.png (archive) (note: squeedge.art has since become defunct)

    Although this tweet says that preorders were to close in April, they were not actually closed, as that is how I was able to order them myself, and how the artist was able to receive my money. Unfortunately I do not have a dated screenshot of this from the day I ordered it; I'm not in the habit of doing that, anyway, and squeedge.art is also now defunct. However, in this tweet they tell another user that preorders are staying open after the originally specified date:

    image.png.7e8828b9f06193aa9eff489615eae82e.png (archive)

    Here is the screenshot of my Transaction ID, retrieved from my PayPal:


    In this tweet Squeedge, on October 1 2019, shows the pins and claims that they now have them, and will ship them ASAP:

    image.png.cbf55c3048ee0b24c2dde4d86605276e.png (archive)

    I replied to this tweet as follows. At the time of writing, this is the only correspondence they have had with me personally at all in regards to this order.

    image.png.9949304146616a782809bf0418e6d9fe.png (archive) (context: at the time the artist did not have their gmail in their twitter bio, but at the time of writing, they now do.)

    However, the following is the ONLY time they have mentioned the pins since then, and they had (and still have) yet to answer any of my emails:

    image.png.535458419582e3473ea92ea6fb5654fd.png (archive)

    The following screenshot consists of all of the emails I have sent them. Do note the entire lack of response on their part, although my emails were sent shortly after a spurt of Twitter activity, in hopes of "catching" them:


    I have been very patient and understanding in this process, I would like to think. I have even offered to pay for shipping again, because I understand the money originally set aside for shipping more than likely had to be spent on other necessities. However, the complete lack of response in spite of subsequent online activity is very troubling to me. I just don't know what else to do. I'm well past Paypal's buyer protection window, and since I purchased the pins with my Paypal balance it's not like I could call my bank and dispute it that way. At this point I just want a response. I do not think that is an unreasonable expectation for an artist.

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    Oh man, this was honestly depressing to learn about 😞 Squeegee is pretty much the reason I got into art like a decade ago. I'm so sorry with what happened with your pins, what a frustrating situation to be in. 

    Edited by Celestina
    edited out twitter link to a third party beware, please encourage them to come forward

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    I was wondering when this was going to show up. ;m;  I was in the same boat for a while and was really thankful I filed a chargeback right before the window closed.  I had done the same thing; sending at least three emails to their email, shop and twitter and had given a generous window of time for a reply...ANYTHING to be reassured that the pins were just delayed and eventually going out....but received no response.

    I really love this art and these pins were the PERFECT gifts for Mother's Day, (I have a super rad mom! lol) then her birthday.....then Christmas.... It was really heart breaking and I still really would love to have them but it was really saddening to see the pins were never shipped out and people more upset with it all.

    Overall i'm really sorry you're in the same boat.  I'm hoping Squeedge can at the very least update those who ordered the pins.  I understand mental health being an issue but communication is key at this point.


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    Last night I got into contact Squeedge's partner, who has told me that Squeedge still intends to ship the pins at some point. They've also apparently issued at least one refund to someone, but for now I'm personally forgoing the refund and keeping up my offer to pay for shipping again if that would make it easier to get them out the door. The pins mean more to me than the money does (and a refund would cost them more than shipping, anyway, at that). They've told me they'll touch base with Squeedge in regards to this, figure out what's up, and keep me updated.

    Edited by ArtsyAlraune

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    Ah, i am so sorry you’re dealing with this. I had a similar problem several years ago, during the first run of godzilla pins and I’m sad and disappointed to see that it’s still happening. I want to be up front and say that I did receive my pins from squeedge, so the issue was resolved, but it took over a whole year and MULTIPLE attempts at contact before I got them. Ended up I only able to wear the pin a couple weeks before it broke off my bag and I had to glue it back together and put it on display only. I can completely understand the struggle of keeping up with a ton of orders compounded with life issues, but this is apparently a repeated issue even now. 

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