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  • Beware @Lillyandrina (SL: Lillyandrina)

    • Who: Lillyandrina
      Where: Second Life: Lillyandrina
      Discord: Lillyandrina#6786
      Twitter: @Lillyandrina
      When: 01/05/2020
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

     On January 5th, I had entered into an agreement for a custom texture/skin commission usable in Second Life for the amount of 19k L$ (Approx $75). This was to include a full body texture for both the male and female version of my silver fox character, of which references were provided. Additionally, this project was to include textures for two heads (Canis and Doggo), ears, legs, and implied related typical components. The estimated wait time that was given was 2 weeks.

    The artist replied via discord on Jan 8th to mention various family-related problems  and other issues that was pose a delay, but then contacted me on Jan 10th to tell me the project was "almost done." No WIPs were provided prior to this statement, and I'd seen no work whatsoever. WIPs were explicitly mentioned when we first discussed the project.

    I was eventually provided some images while out on mobile where I tried to direct concerns about missing or erroneous markings and details. At no point through the process of edits did I approve a final version, as she had also indicated that the "blending" and fur "texture" would be added layer. Regardless, she delivered a "final product" while I was not available to comment or reply, and when asked about it, verified that she felt the project was complete.

    Inspection of the delivered items showed no inclusion of the male version of the skin. Further, no applier was included for the Canis or Doggo heads. This is especially problematic as the Canis requires one unless a user can somehow manually apply the texture to every single possible animated state of the head one state at a time; simply dragging and dropping the texture on the head only applies it to the specific state it is. This makes the texture for the head largely unusable on its own. The colors of the delivered skin did not match expectations or references, nor did the markings and patterns, especially on the head (at least visible in the single, static 'frame' shown when the head is dropped on the ground). No textures for ears were included, nor were any for 3rd party legs or tail (nor did she even ask which of any of these I wanted to use). Genitals were crudely painted on the female body skin, which are entirely not necessary (and conflict) with the 3rd party body that I had stated I use; this was not a detail that was requested, nor were they shown on the few WIP images I did receive.

    When confronted and asked whether this was supposed to be the final version, they replied with "yup" and a laughing face, then took insult when I attempted to express my dissatisfaction with the result or pointed out missing components, including making a statement of "I don't cater to customers who insult my work." They claimed several times through the resulting conversation that I "approved" her work, but after repeatedly disagreeing with her on that, she went the route of implying that my lack of immediate response or not telling her to stop was considered by her as approval. The notion that a customer can be busy at work, driving their car, or otherwise being physically unavailable to comment and have that used as a substitute for explicit approval should be cause for alarm for any potential customer.

    A refund was requested, even partial, to which the artist immediately stated "in my tos it states once a product is done I don't offer refunds." This notion is in dispute as I did not accept or approve of a finished state of the project, nor did we ever agree to any "terms of service" anywhere in our conversation. The user has blocked my communications with them on SL, Discord, and Twitter, refusing any possibility for further contact.

    I have deleted the items from my inventory, as well as any items they were applied to as part of my own agreement regarding this issue. A fraud report has been filed with Linden Labs.












    Annotation 2020-01-11 122755.png

    Annotation 2020-01-11 122901.png

    Annotation 2020-01-11 122910.png

    Annotation 2020-01-11 122940.png








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    Creeping out of the darkness here to comment: The modder's claim that they did the shading and fur texture has been refuted not only by my own knowledge and time spent modding in Second Life, but the maker of the Caboodle shading base, as this is that shading base. 

    I compared the images from the Discord screencaps to work I've done on this base, as well as the Caboodle screenshots from the Second Life Marketplace, then asked the owner of Caboodle, and she confirmed that it was her base.

    Additionally, in talking with the owner of Caboodle to confirm that this was her base, it came up that this avatar did not purchase the base. It was either purchased on an alt, or obtained illegally. Regardless, the first line in the ToS for the shading base is "You DO NOT have permission to distribute the PSD Template to other people or alt accounts." So the Caboodle ToS has been broken, and the maker knows.

    OP, I'm sorry this was your experience. Having worked/fought with the LL UV as much as I have, yes, there are a lot of issues, but they're not as difficult to work with as the modder claims. Sure, it can be a pain in the butt to line up textures over the seams, but if that's what makes the mod work, then you do that. And unless you say, "yes, this looks great!" then you haven't accepted it.

    Editing to add:
    As it's been brought to my attention that it's easy to miss, this is where the modder claims that the shading/fur base work is theirs, and not the Caboodle base. 

    When you compare the two directly to a mod I did myself (though I have some of the highlight layers turned off on the back), and to the screenshot on the Secondlife marketplace... It's pretty telling.

    Edited by snowhawk
    adding pics

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    This artist is Shantayz under a different alias. Here's the original post about her.


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    Comment infraction: Inappropriate for Artists Beware. (Personal Information)

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    Forgot to mention but she’s also on twitter with the same new handle. Throwing that info out there because she advertises her scams on every platform.

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    The customer not responding is taken as an approval? Looks like the artist mixed something up here.

    A client not answering is regarded as "Not approved", since they can't be expected to know all laws regarding transactions and such. It's an entirely different case if the other party is a company. At least as far as I know.

    But regardless of that: darn, one of those types who are personally offended if one dislikes their work.


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