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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. Nov. 29th, 2012 at 10:43 PM WHO: Adielle/StarlitUniverse/Danielle/Nemeah/Jael Morey. WHERE: http://starlituniverse.deviantart.com/ (deactivated as of June 22nd 2012.) , http://adielle.deviantart.com/ (her main commission account, also deactivated), GaiaOnline under the name Nemeah. She also has a facebook for commissions: https://www.facebook.com/starlituniverse(gone as of Nov 29) , a newer deviantart account: http://nemeah.deviantart.com/ and a tumblr: http://jaelmoray.tumblr.com/ WHAT: A digital copy of 1 couple pencil sketch with sepia texture. WHEN: 2010 Aug 3rd. I won an auction (under the name Wosat) that was raising GaiaGold to fund a contest. PROOF: What StarlitUniverse was offering in the group auction. Me asking for my bid to count for the 5m+ tier. Giving her some choices and she picked one. Telling me the picture was half-done. EXPLAIN: None of the gold and items went to StarlitUniverse, I was asked by the artist organizing the auction to send it to the contest organizer. Her last contact with me was by PM on gaiaonline in late Oct/early Nov. 2010. I do not have that PM anymore. In it, she told me she was busy but that she hadn't forgotten me. Later I found out that she was going through some serious real life issues. I didn't want to add to her stress, so I left her alone. Around December of 2010, I was leaving GaiaOnline for an extended period of time, so I sent StarlitUniverse a PM, telling her she could reach me through my deviantart account. She became one of my watchers there shortly after. When I had finished with the school year, I sent StarlitUniverse a deviantart note in April 2011. My dA note to her asking for an update. She read it but did not reply. A few months later, she posted a journal on both of her dA accounts saying she was still having serious real life issues. The artist who organized the auction, contacted me in May of 2011, and offered to complete StarlitUniverse's part of the auction. I thought that was awesome of them to do that and I accepted. They did not end up doing so, which was perfectly fine, since they had already completed their part of the art from the auction. In June of this year, I sent a PM to the person who organized the original auction, and let them know that I was going to try to contact StarlitUniverse again about the art. They offered to try contacting her for me. I tried to contact her again. I sent a message to both of her dA accounts, her tumbler and her gaiaonline account. She read the PM on gaiaonline but did not reply. The artist that organized the original auction was kind enough to refund me part of my bid. So the whole thing is resolved. Offering a refund, Refund details and they mention that StarlitUniverse replied to their PM. I sent off one final PM to StarlitUniverse, informing her that I had been refunded. I considered the matter resolved. On November 29th, I found her new Deviantart account and tumblr and was surprised that she was accepting commissions when she had not completely refunded her previous commissioners. I only know there was at least one commissioner that is still waiting because we had talked about our experiences with StarlitUniverse in deviantart notes. I had originally written up this beware in July but I didn't feel comfortable posting since technically it had been resolved. But now that she is accepting commissions, I feel that I should at let you know what happened with me. Edit: I accidentally added one too many /ljcuts. Fixed.
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