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Found 1 result

  1. November 13, 2016 was the time I reached out to her when I saw her via Lemma Soft Forums and discussed about a commission I wanted done. She was a little slow in regards to replying to my messages but I understood considering how she seemed to be a popular pick for commissions based on her website via deviant art. Nonetheless, she replied, gave her the benefit of the doubt, and paid her the amount of $150usd on November 30, 2016 upon agreement on the details I gave her and how much it'll cost me overall. Two other reasons why I thought she's not a fraud are: 1.) She immediately sent me 4 sketch options based on our discussion 2.) I read no negative feedback about her through Lemma Soft and Deviant Art at the time I commissioned her I started becoming concerned when I noticed that I had to keep asking her about updates regarding my commission. Contacted her through her Deviant and Email and the last message she sent me is through email, January 20, 2017, telling me that she'll be sending me the second wip within that day but it never came. She didn't blocked me or anything and becoming a little more worried, I went to check on her deviant art again and saw that while she had thousands and thousands of lined up commissioned list, she barely responded to people who were starting to demand regarding their orders. I also noticed that she placed my order as almost done when she hasn't even updated me regarding my commission ever since that 1st sketch she sent which was on December 2016. ItaSlipy made several excuses, I say this now as an excuse as it has become ridiculously long, such as she's been sick, she's dealing with her wedding, she's sick again, her hands are giving her problems, etc etc. When the list of complaints were starting to pile up, ItaSlipy deliberately deleted her entire journal, slate clean, and "started all over again" as if nothing had happened. This lead me to believe that she's pretty much stolen people's money not only from Deviant, but from other websites as well where she offers her services. Surprisingly, she's still active in Lemma Soft and Deviant Art and I honestly cannot believe that she had the nerve to still accept commissions and now including Patreon. I've attached the screen shots that I managed to snag. The payment, the emails I sent to her, and the supposedly "status" of my commission that she never even updated me about. I understand that this is like 2 years ago, but I would like for people to become aware of this artist. For those who has already commissioned her and wasn't fooled by her, you're very lucky. I just hope there are no more victims of her scheme. I've posted this on my Deviant Page and someone messaged me, redirecting me to this site.
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