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Found 3 results

  1. Since watching Dirt-chomp on FA I've purchased 6 busts for $10 each prior to this debacle and everything has been great. The quality of the work and timely manner had me coming back to purchase a YCH and a discount couples bust in July 2013. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10891605/ http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4868235/#cid:34960083 Month by month passed and I didn't bother reminding her until march 14th the next year. No reply. Tried her DA account at the same time. No reply. Tumblr account. No reply. At this point I simply gave up until I found her twitter and twitch handle. Joined a stream and at the mention of my name she shut the stream down. Someone sent me a link to her tumblr account and once again, no reply. At this point I gave up until I found their twitter and twitch handle. Found her streaming in twitch and tried talking to her there but the moment I mentioned my name she shut the stream down. I also messaged her on twitch. I found her on Instagram and posted on her latest submission that I've been trying to get in contact with her and at this point, I was pretty darn frustrated being 5 years and $105 usd out of pocket so I threatened to take it to artist beware. Needless to say she deleted my comments. While waiting for my art she has been actively taking in commissions from other people and doing works for them as you can see on twitter and Instagram as well as tumblr for some older stuff. As a last ditch effort I also contacted the studio where she works at. PROOF: Commission Information - https://sta.sh/010z0b33vpqp Commission Paid - https://sta.sh/0yeocs0c87w Inquiries - https://sta.sh/0a8iwa1kj4c Found Her! - https://sta.sh/0141luzy1qdw (The video has since been taken down) More Inquiries - https://sta.sh/0bigzy2kcm3 https://sta.sh/016efysynm8w (Tumblr stuff has been wiped)
  2. Jul. 19th, 2011 2:55 PM nathanial WHO dust-bite/Torrian Dear/EEEEAAGULLLL WHERE: dust-bite/Torrian Dear, EEEEAAGULLLL on Subeta WHAT: Waist-up couple piece WHEN: April 23rd-Present PROOF: I commissioned dust-bite on April 23rd. I didn't commission her through deviantart, but through Subeta, where she's known as EEEEAAGULLLL. Here is a link to her artshop and my post where I originally commissioned her. My friend and I commissioned her at around the same time; she commissioned her for a head-shot, where as I commissioned her for a $30 waist-up couple piece of my two characters. She got the sketches to both of us at around the same time, however she finished my friend's very quickly afterward whereas after I OKed the sketch and paid her... nothing. Here is a screencap of my payment. Here's the sketch: After about three weeks of no contact, and after she set up a chibi auction before finishing my piece, I sent her a PM on Subeta asking how things were going. Unfortunately Subeta didn't have a working outbox at the time, so I can't show the message I sent, but I assure you it was a very polite inquiry. In the mean time she was updating her DeviantArt quite frequently, and while it stated that she was moving, she still had the ability to respond to messages and post the odd sketch here and there. Wondering if she just wasn't checking Subeta, I sent her another polite message on DeviantArt on June 1st. Within a couple hours, she had read it, but didn't repsond (and still hasn't responded.) Since then she has actively been posting on both DeviantArt and her tumblr (dust-bite.tumblr.com). Some of them are old commissions, some of them are new. She even had time to draw a kiriban image for someone on DeviantArt, and work on her comic and website, orange-zombie.com. Getting a bit frustrated with the fact that she clearly had time to respond to my message/finish my art but chose not to, I decided to send her an e-mail on June 30th to the address she has listed on her DA page. Still polite, but I haven't received a response. At this point I just want my money back, but I don't know how to get ahold of her other than the methods I've tried already. She won't reply to my messages. I have a feeling she's purposefully ignoring me because it says on her commission journal (which I didn't see until after I sent her the first note on DA since I commissioned her on another site) that she will 'take longer if bugged.' "Please be patient when you commission me. Don't rush me, it will only make me go slower. Asking for updates is a little stressful, but I'll provide them." I didn't really think I was rushing her... I just want to know if she ever plans on finishing my art, and if not, if she can refund me. It's true that I haven't asked for a refund yet, before anyone mentions it, but I'm kind of a doormat and I'm afraid of doing it until she actually replies to me. I realize now I probably should have mentioned that in my e-mail. Unfortunately I can't dispute this, not only because it's been over 40 days but because when I sent the money I didn't realize you shouldn't send payment as gifts. Sweet.
  3. May. 26th, 2011 at 10:53 AM shaneharper WHO: This post is about Dust-Bite on DeviantART. WHERE:http://dust-bite.deviantart.com/ WHAT: It was a $16 digital commission picture. WHEN: I first asked for a commission on December 13th. She agreed and I sent the payment over that day. Since then, I'd sent maybe two more messages, one in January and one in March asking about progress and if a refund was needed. I also sent updated reference sheets incase she hadn't started work yet. The last time I contacted her was April 20th. She hasn't responded past the first day when she accepted my c PROOF: Here is a screen cap from the first time we spoke about the commission. She agreed and I sent the money over. I don't have a paypal screen cap cause I didn't know I would need one and Paypal only keeps information for 3 months. This is a screen cap of the last time I messaged her, which was in April. I don't have the other two messages, but she hadn't responded to me in any message since the beginning. Not even about refunding. I've been REALLY patient, but I went to check out her commission "list" and I'm not even on it. **EDIT** I downloaded my paypal history (something I hadn't tried before) and found the payment and ID number. EXPLAIN: In the beginning, December, I had asked her for some digital art that priced up to $16. Neither of us considered it too challenging since it was one of her lesser commissions offered. She was quick to get back to me, and we agreed on the price and I sent the money over that night. I was super excited to have commissioned Dust-Bite because I'd always liked her art! I don't think she's a bad person but it's not acceptable to leave someone who has paid you, hanging. She hasn't been absent from DeviantArt either, because she's been posting a lot of art since December. And on DeviantArt, as some of you may know, you can see if another artist has read a note you sent them. She read my previous notes, but has yet to read the one I sent in April. I don't know if she's having money problems and can't afford a refund, but she can definitely finish my commissions since they weren't challenging and she's been more than able to post loads of art. **UPDATE** on June 8th, I was contacted and given my commission. I'm marking this down as lack of communication on my part versus a busy deviant.
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