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Found 3 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/994679.html Name: BigBlueDragon Location: This took place during Furrydelphia 2017 Website: http://www.bigblueraptor.com/2017/08/04/furrydelphia/ Commission Type: My commission was a digital headshot led badge of my fursona. Basic Overview: I commissioned BigBlueDragon on August 19th 2017 at Furrydelphia in the Dealers Den. The commission was of an led headshot badge of my fursona and the expected date to be finished was September 4th. My badge was fully completed February 18th 2018, and the last date of contact I had with BigBlueDragon was on March 11th 2018. (Hence this post) The Detailed Answer: August 19th 2017: Commissioned the artist in the dealers den at Furrydelphia and paid $21.20 in cash, upfront. Was informed that the commission wouldn’t take long to finish, and I requested a finish date for September 4th. I was informed that the artist worked from Artnab.net and that all updates and communication could easily be done through that website. Pictures of my fursona were taken from my badge before I left the table. August 21st 2017: Furrydelphia ended and I uploaded a brief description of my fursona as well as corresponding images on Artnab. August 30th 2017: Posted my name and address through Artnab. September 16th 2017: BigBlueDragon responds and has a sketch of my sona after the requested due date of my commission, communication becomes fairly consistent through the month of September and October and then becomes spotty in November. December 2nd, 2017: I reach out to BigBlueDragon using the email provided through Artnab and communication slows down but is still consistent. Progress on the commission continues through email due to difficulties through Artnab. By the middle of January the digital headshot has been finished. February 1st 2018: I reached back out to see the progress on my commission and received an email on the 18th with an image of my completed commission, printed, cut, laminated, and led, all done. I ask when to expect her within the mail, and I receive no response. March 3rd 2018: I email BigBlueDragon about an update about my badge being mailed. I receive a response on March 11th asking for my address again. I respond with my name and address hoping for my badge to arrive in the mail in about a week. March 26th 2018: I reach out again to BigBlueDragon about my badge and express my concern as the badge has been completed, and yet hasn’t been mailed out. At this point in time it has taken over 7 months to complete. April 26th 2018: I sent out another email to BigBlueDragon asking about an update on my badge being sent out. I have yet to receive a response. It has been 8 months and 3 weeks since this badge was commissioned, and it has been 8 weeks since I last had contact with BigBlueDragon. I have even tried to reach out through the website which they and their partner co-run, and haven’t gotten a response to that either. I believe my timeline and images provide a good chunk of information about the main problem, communication issues. In the beginning things were great through Artnab, I was posting stuff, I could see that they were looking at my posts and responding to it. I believe the issue in communication started when my references for my fursona seemed to be overlooked. The process dramatically slowed down as I had to point out issues one at a time and work them out until it met my approval. Once Artnab was giving us trouble, we switched over to email where our communication became slowed down further to hearing from BigBlueDragon after a few weeks at a time. Currently, the main source of frustration is that my badge has been completed, and I have yet to receive it. Artnab Sept 16th update Artnab Sept 21st Artnab Sept 27th Artnab Sept 29th Artnab Oct 4th Artnab Oct 11th Artnab Nov 7th Headshot reference on artnab and Oct 2nd reference reposted Fullbody reference on artnab Reference for the cheek mark on artnab Email 2 Completed Headshot (Scroll down to see it in the email) Email 1 showing what I wanted visually when I couldn't describe it with words alone Email 1 showing what I wanted visually when I couldn't describe it with words alone My finished badge, image received through email Feb 18th
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/982501.html WHO: BigBlueRaptor WHERE: @bigblueraptor on twitter, LeeLee on Furaffinity WHAT: Kaiju LED badge WHEN: May 3rd, 2017- Initial contact May 4th- payment August 19th- First sign of trouble. Asked where my position was in the queue and received no response. EXPLAIN: October 28th- The deadline I had specified on the commission form was the next week so I contacted them asking if they were ready to send the badge. I had seen the completed art (which was a template. They had not specified the art would be on a template either) but they had not contacted me with it. I had to scour their twitter. November 10th- They asked me if I would be at MFF so they could give me the badge. I told them I wasn’t sure so mailing it would be the best. I’d prepaid for shipping anyway. After this they refused to answer twitter DMs. I @ ed them on twitter and they said the didn’t make it to MFF. They did not reach out to tell me this, I had to reach out to them. No mention of shipping the badge. Despite my attempts, no further contact has been received from them. PROOF: Links to our conversations, the unreplied to emails, and proof of purchase Proof of Purchase: https://imgur.com/gallery/kJP05 Conversations: https://imgur.com/gallery/H7iTR
  3. This was originally denied to A_B because the artist gave me extra art when I did not ask for it. I feel this should be posted here because Leelee has made me wait for a year w/o any responses to my e-mails or notes when she disappeared on FA, also the fact that when I DID get in contact w/ her I had to ask MORE THAN ONCE for a responce... At this point I STILL do not have my half of a trade and am re-submitting this.. Who: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/LeeLee/ leeleemoreau Where: FA / LJ What: Digital Art trade When: Well over a year ago. http://pics.livejournal.com/ryunwoofie/pic/0000c5x8 (My half started on May 30, 2010) Proof: Long ago when I was active on a collection community I was inquired by Leelee about doing a digital trade. Unfortunately that thread where we worked out the details has been LONG lost. We agreed, passed info between us via LJ PM's but those have been purged as well a loooong time ago. Before I realized NOT to delete information until a transaction is complete. I do admit I dropped the ball for deleting those. My half was completed a long time ago, well before I even saw a sketch of hers. I do admit I took a while before I got to it, but I decided to hold off on sending it to her till I saw some form of her half. She posted it http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4027253, and for the longest time that was the last that I heard from her. She seemed to have fallen off the face of the internet for a while, and I can admit I honestly forgot until I randomly posted on the submission. I've also sent e-mails before that were never answered. I also didn't keep up w/ her journals on FA either. My fault again I suppose.. Finally getting some contact from her we have talked it out, apparently her computer was broken and sent off or something, to where she didn't have the file on hand. So she claimed she was going to finish it when it's returned. So I'm waiting on her to color it I guess. She did however draw me a lovely little extra for my wait. (Which I will admit I flipped out a bit because I thought she was trying to give this to me instead of our agreed trade) But I still mark this as beware for her random absence and lack of communication and ignoring when inquiring about said trade. I apologize for the lack of initial communication between us. I just hope the facts given are enough. Update: I have just asked if she would just color the smaller image she posted on FA because I am at this point tired of waiting. She’s cranking out art right now so I don’t see why she can’t color it too. Even if she does color it I stil think this beware is valid enough to be posted. Update2: After she decided to ignore my question on the submission I noticed her faving and comminting elseware. She ignored me again. So I decided to wait till morning and note her. My note to Leelee and her response. http://pics.livejournal.com/ryunwoofie/pic/0000fhs0 Thanks for being mature Leelee, once again appreciated.. Still no straight answer if she's gonna do it or not. Update3: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6547634/ I still don't understand why she keeps mentioning the 'make up' art as if I should have accsepted that instead of what we agreed on. Or maybe I'm just missunderstanding her or something... IDK Update4: Talked it out w/ Leelee and she thuroughly aplogized. The 'make up' art was also a missunderstanding on my part. I guess I made it unclear about that being a replacement. Everything is cool and there is no hard feelings. Anyway this is resolved.
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