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  1. My fiance and I will be in contact with you soon hopefully to get a different picture redrawn ❤️
  2. Unfortunately, I feel the sketch was acceptable, but the finished product wasn't. It could have been the colours of my characters face, or the size of the eye/mouth that made it look so much different to me, but since she wasn't even willing to hear me out, we'll never know.
  3. So we commissioned one of our favourite artists, lupinprincess, to redraw our irl engagement photo. we have worked with her before, so we knew it was a good bet to drop $110 usd on her. the paypal fee took $6 of it, so we actually tipped her the extra $6 cause we trusted her. It is gorgeous, the background, the poses, just beautiful. but, my red panda nose looks not quite right. a little off. so i asked her if she was willing to change it slightly. not the whole picture, not the pose, just my nose. she immediately said no, and blocked me. all the money we spent.... the good faith we had in her.... and all i see when i look at it is my big nose... I wish she would have taken even a second to look at the drawing with me to find a solution. Maybe it wasn't the nose, maybe the eye and lips just need to be moved forward. But she wouldn't give me any more time to talk about it before she blocked me and ceased all communication. This is a once in a lifetime commission of our actual engagement and now every time i see that photo she redrew, all i can think of is how rude she was about it. so so so sad 😞
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