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  1. It did! Got an email from paypal, the claim was resolved in my favor because the artist didn't respond to my claim.
  2. Wanted to update this and say that I was able to file a chargeback. I thought it was going to be too late to do it but I had until November 2nd 2019. So I'm hoping to get a full refund.
  3. I previously contacted this artist for a OTA, saw they were open for commissions and asked about it. I commissioned a full-body piece of my sona holding my cat on May 6th 2019 I sent the $40.00 along with a $10.00 tip. $50.00 in total was sent to this artist on May 6th 2019 I asked for an update on June 11th 2019, they told me they would work all owed art after the 17th. No WIPs or Updates for two months. Asked again on August 29th 2019 No response I gave up on this artist and asked for a refund on September 6th 2019. I was nice enough to let them keep the $10.00 tip. The
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