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  1. Leone contacted me via PMs and this was able to be resolved; a new art piece was agreed upon and has been completed now, so I'm happy with this. Just commenting here to let the mods know <:
  2. Leone messaged me on Friday (the 19th) with an update on my commission, but the colors for my character are off. I pointed this out and was told that it's an issue he's having with things not displaying correctly, so I'm waiting on another update now as he tries to correct it. Here's the character's ref sheet for comparison:
  3. On July 24th 2018, I messaged Leone on Furry Amino asking if he had anymore slots left since he's an artist that I've commissioned several times before with no issue. So, I assumed that there would be no problems this time either and that all should go well, and I decided on a $57 half-body commission. An invoice was sent to me the next day (25th) and paid in full. I followed up with another message on August 10th asking if the commission could be changed to a different character if he hadn't started on it yet, which was OK'd and I provided a reference for the new character I wan
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