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  1. Thanks Rendrassa. I'll keep that in mind and my apologies if I've offended you with that way of thinking. It was more out of fear and overthinking that came to that toxic conclusion. But I'll keep that in mind ?
  2. Thanks Rikki, I'll keep that in mind next time. I'm usually a bit hesitant since I've kinda scared myself into thinking that artists tend to have an inner circle and if you give them trouble, they'll blacklist you and spread the word to avoid this particular client. But after so long, I think enough was enough. So, yeah, I'll do that next time! Thank you ?
  3. Requested a commission of 2 female OCs spending time together. D.Orange presented me with 3 sketches to choose from and then pay the amount when ready. Paid $225.00: Months go by with little interaction. D.Orange claims to have working issues irl, gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him space. Months roll by and the responses gradually diminish to zero from him: Being part of a discord group, even had a mod step in to get it rectified, but even he didn't get a response from D.Orange. A bit old, but Orange is still active. Wanted to bring awareness.
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