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  1. Oh I almost forgot to add, if anyone uses YCH.Commishes, here’s their current account that they’re active on!
  2. I am so sorry for those who have been scammed and ripped off by FoxyFluffStudios, i'll admit, i'm so lucky that I listened to my gut, and I looked their username up, because not only did I find this amazing thread that consists of lots of information about this user, but they also just attempted to scam me out of $20 on YCH.Commishes, i'll explain my story. So I am a artist who uses DA, Furaffinty, and YCH.Commishes, which I use YCH.Commishes to sell YCH's, Adopts, Custom Designs, ETC, and FoxyFluffStudios auto-purchased a custom design from me, and naturally I became excited, and I had messaged them, and they gave me their paypal information, along with what they wanted, and as I was lining the artwork they wanted, I had noticed that they were acting quite odd and somewhat suspicious, for instance, when I asked for the money, they replied with "I'll be sending it shortly!", and I never received it, and when I tried to get a hold of them, they would just disappear, and they didn't reply to me after a few days later, and last but not least, every time I brought up the money, they would either never reply, or attempt to change the subject. Which at this point, that's when I began to think that something was wrong and something wasn't right, so I did some digging on their YCH.Commishes profile, and I didn't find anything, so I looked their name up, and well... that's why i'm here, because at first I thought I was being paranoid or crazy even, but luckily i'm not the only one who's experienced these things, it puts me at ease, but unfortunately I did waste 2 whole days on making this user artwork, but i'll try to make a positive a negative, and i'll see if I can sell it off somehow.
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