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  1. I I did receive a full refund through PayPal, so you're right caution is a better category for this post. As well the images at the bottom were a mistake that I didn't notice until I submitted the write up, Unsure how to edit them off, sorry
  2. Back in late September 2019 I saw Fur Fancy advertise on their twitter they were taking commissions for 3D sculpted and printed custom bases ( you use these to cast foam fursuit heads from). They advertised each slot at $300 USD + shipping, which for the sculpt and actual printing I thought was a great price, so I proceeded to message them about ordering two custom bases. As you can see they were very prompt about answering my questions and sending me a PayPal invoice It took me a few days to get the example sketches commissioned from another artist, but by Oct 5th I had sent them t
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