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  1. And of course, taking a print of the stories and updating a situation is a no no, but taking a design you didn't made, the art itself, not giving credit to it and trying to sell as your own is okay
  2. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We totally learned from our mistakes and from now on we're definitely sending works with watermarks and even check on future clients better before accepting a commission quote to avoid further drama.

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  3. There are just 2 things I don't get 1 - Why did they send a pastel moodboard and then asked for a character made in black and neon? why the heck even send thar moodboard if you want a design that has nothing to do with it? (and then complain that "IT WAS MADE USING MY MOODBOARD" hm, clearly no? it was made using the colors you said you wanted that aren't even on the board?) 2 - Why are they selling it so cheap? when you fight for something that hard you should keep it right? or at least sell for a decent price, thats a headache for only $12 the heck
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