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  1. I understand that and Im working to fix that and schedule things better on my part. With each thing I do, I update and talk with everyone to make sure I have communication.
  2. Thank you, I know I will be raising up my prices and currently im Limiting anythingI bring to make sure I can bring them out in a REASONABLE time as well as not flood myself as I did before. I will admit, I had plenty of people come to me harrassing me over the beware site in which I don't appreciate but I have still worked to contuine to fix everything in the best of my capabilities and more. I will say, if it wasnt for close friends helping me organize and talk, I don't think I could do this alone. Im working hard to fix and better myself
  3. My plan is to raise my prices up, Im currently slowly raising them as Im scared to suddenly raise them and stunt it I guess? Not sure if thats the right phrasing but I understand my prices are way too low for my art currently. I thought of a loan but currently Ive applied to an at-home job that I'm hoping to get to help fund those that do want refunds. In the discord, I do have an area where people can ask for them if they want them sort of thing. Alot of them really just want their art which is understandable. Ive talked to each and every one of them and had them understand I would need time and they support me and understand that I will need that time to complete their stuff as long as Im keeping communication, which I have been doing immensely in that discord. When it comes to sebastian on the crediting. That was on his choice on the crediting. He told me in his words. "I can careless, I just want to be able to do something" - Currently he has no job, so he sees it as just something to spend time with me on sort of thing. he explained this to the FA Staff as well since they said the same on the crediting.
  4. Only 8 Commissions were taken in , and they were finished in the same day. I had an electric bill that needed to be paid. I only took on the amount I needed to pay the bill, then they should be taken down. Proof as well that the bill was paid with all the 8 commissions I took in that day to pay it. Sebastian also stated that the commissions were solely to pay the electric bill as well. A refund was sent out as well today to a customer in which I can send proof of but because of the email sensitivity I can't show on unless I have permission of the customer. I am working to fix everything.
  5. Hello, This is Brokenvocaloid and I will firstly say that I do deserve these bewares and currently Im working hard to fix all my past mistakes. Ive currently opened up a discord that ive urged people to go to since ive been posting constant updates on. Ive been posting almost everyday to almost every hour in it with finished works and making sure I pay out refunds for those that ask it. I know I messed up. I KNOW I messed up and im working to fix it all. Yes UltimateWaifu is my account and its all meant for me to restart , reorganize and work to fix and keep things more under control than I was handling them before. It is not an account to hide on as I see some people may think whats going on. For those with the question on Sebastian. He is my boyfriend that lives with me, and usually he does linework/sketches for me. We both have talked to the FA Staff and both had to give IDs to prove we are different people. Everything on his side is done by him meaning journals, talking in notes. He will tell me about them and ask me what to say and I would help, but all typing and sending and such, is all him. I'm not asking people to forgive me, Im not asking for a hand out, but im asking for time to prove that Im working to fix everything communication was my hugest flaw and im working on fixing all that taking on WAY too much was also a huge flaw I did but im working on limiting and balancing my work. https://discord.gg/bCn9pbXYEX that link is the discord in proof that I have been working to fix, organize, balance, Send out refunds, Send out finished works. Im more than willing to talk to anyone that i have wronged to fix everything, Im not looking to take money and not do the work. I messed up. I took on too much in my panic of things that went on in my life, and im trying to fix it all.
  6. Hello ! I am brokenvocaloid ! And I will admit I am VERY behind on stuff, and I have stopped from posting so much a couple months to focus on sceduling and sending out info to my customers ! ( I usually do ALL my updates via journals and usually some miss and or do not read journals which I understand ) This customer has been refunded - I had them on a trello to remind me and with everything going on with the sickness going around, I have been very frantic and lost track of some stuff! I have recently as well put up 2 journals reminding all customers that if I missed anyone to note with me info so I can keep them on trello and work with them to get their stuff out as quickly as possible ! but I do apologize ! January was a bad time for me with many personal stuff hitting me that put me behind as well as 2019 being such a clusterfuck on me. But I am working to fix and be better at my organization
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