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  1. Sorry, it was the only english word wich came to my thought ^^" "Shemale" I just thought it was the exact word for this XD
  2. Actually i agreed for the latex, but i dont draw latex everyday, so i was not really strong to do latex. i tried my best ^^' and actually for change something about the ych ,you ask before bidding. he couldve ask for the penis, and for the colour of the cloths first, but i dont wanted to lose an ych just because the winner donc know how to ask 😕i cant complain about it now because ive accepted a second slot. i just beware about the dispute for the adopt from 5 months ago, there were no reason for this and its really innapropriate, and i dont talked about him, i just ask my commissioner and artists friends, if i was wrong or not. he cant ask a refund for this ^^' But yes i know that i had to ask for his consent. and i know it was wrong, and i would never do it again, but i really wanted to draw something that matched the ych i had propose ^^ actually kuro apologized. and i never said anything mean about kuro. i was just sad about this story and scared to lose my money. so i asked help about friends when i learn about the refund. to know if a similar situation happened to them ! And how to react with kuro. thanks for your point of view ^^ and sorry for my bad english ~~
  3. Hello everyone, I was dealing with a very disrespectful client, his nickname is Kuro . I posted a Valentine's Day ych online, an auction, and this person won the auction, I specify that the sb was 40 €, he won the sb at 40 €. So I contacted him on discord, knowing him vaguely because he bought me an adopt pony, on the ychcommisshes site 5 months ago. This person gave me his paypal address and his reference image, I sent a request for money that he accepts a few minutes later, he also asked me for a sketch before going to clean up, I did , and I sent him He tells me he misses the penis. (on the auction, it was specified female) but her character was a shemale. I told her that I wanted to make a female and that it would be more expensive with a penis in this case. he tells me that he does not want and that he wants a refund despite the fact that the sketch has been made. So I tell him, after talking to artist friends to be sure, that I would give him a refund of only € 20 because I took the time to sketch his character and that he had a picture with his character on it. he accepts then that I finish the drawing, I thought he wanted to pay me the supplement to draw the penis, so I draw the penis on the sketch and he tells me that he cannot afford the extra. so I agree to leave it as it is. He also asks me to make the latex outfit that I accept hard. When I finish the drawing and send it. He tells me that it is beautiful but that the latex is not shiny enough. so I change it again and he tells me that the corset is not FULLY in latex, I tell him that on the ych there was a concept of lingerie and that I did not want to change it. At this moment, he takes it badly. then as I was not satisfied with this commission, and a friend kindly made me an offer on this ych so that I could draw what I wanted, a pin-up, he then asked me to post a second times the ych so that it can bid but since nobody was interested I decided not to display it and go directly to the drawing. so I post the second drawing of this ych and the person in the first slot, comes to tell me that he did not want it to be a multilayer ych. I admit that I should have asked him but in any case I never specified that it was a unique ych. this person is offended then and I speak about it to my artist friends. This "Kuro" started asking me for a full refund due to the fact that I have talked about his commission to other people, and the creation of the second slot. I refuse because the drawing was finished and he had happily put the drawing on his discord avatar after that, he opened a dispute on paypal. and the next day, another litigation for the adopt he bought 5 months ago. After seeing this I called paypal 3 times and proved all the transactions well done, and the service provided, so that I can get my money back. this person is really very disrespectful and i hope you spread the word. Thank you so much. His discord Nickname : Kuro#6528 His FA : http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tzug-12345/#shout-48745875 his twitter : https://twitter.com/KuroDeLatexPone
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