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  1. zrcalo


    I have recieved zero notifications of this incident about my comment. I will decline from further interaction with this website.
  2. zrcalo


    I submitted a long post that evidently didnt end up here.
  3. zrcalo


    I will no longer be vending at arizona fur con.
  4. zrcalo


    Customer will be refunded money via envelope snail mail (per request), and also commission will be provided free of charge. My cat got sick after the con and nearly cost me $1k, so I had to work overtime at my normal job to cover the cost of his treatment. It put a hinderence on my organization of my commissions as well as my time being able to do them. I keep a physical ledger as well as a digital one of my commissions, and had mistakenly crossed this one out and marked it as shipped (mixed up with another one, as shown in the logs) my mistake, and it will be rectified soon enough. I didnt respond to the customer promptly as I was away for a week when she messaged me this past time.
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