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Link to all of their art profiles: https://www.jasmaeart.com/find-me  I've personally done business with her through FurAffinity and Picarto.

Since August, I've bought several commissions from Jasmae, both in-stream on Picarto that were finished immediately and through FA to be completed at a later time.  I've bought one sketch and the rest of my orders have been silhouette icons.

She communicates very promptly--order forms are replied to quickly and the forms themselves are very clear and easy to use.

The icon queue got very large once, during a Black Friday sale this past November, but the wait time was still only a couple of weeks, which was more than fair, IMO.  Aside from that time, icons have been done anywhere from hours to a week after I've ordered them off-stream.

In all, I'm completely satisfied every time I order from Jasmae and it's one large reason I keep going back again and again.  I think she's the one artist I've commissioned the most, actually.

Below is the newest icon I ordered, it was delivered to me today.  It was an "anti-Valentine's Day" theme, I asked for my OC shredding a heart.  Incredibly happy with the outcome.


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