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Kyle Coyote / clarebear_draws1349

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1.) Link to person's website or art page:

•  Furry Amino | Instagram | Twitter

2.) Approximate time period of when you did business with this person:

• 7th December, 2018 - 23rd January, 2019

3.) Details: 

• I commissioned a Phone Case from Clare and as a return customer, I am definitely just as eased as the last time I went to them for a commission!

Clare ordered a clean phone case off the internet for the exact model of my phone. Sadly, on the 19th, Clare found out that the case got lost when delivering. They acted quick and were kind enough to replace the case by ordering a new one.

Jump to the 8th of January, the case arrived and they started to draw my character for the case. Clare was extremely kind and was open to critique, happy to change stuff and they were okay with my, admittedly, pickiness. On the 16th, the artwork was finished and it looks absolutely incredible ?

Clare quickly shipped of the custom phone case on the 17th, with I believe express shipping because I received the case on the 23rd. I'm incredibly proud to have received this phone case and would always recommend Clare if you want a case of your own!



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