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Artist not responding to DMs on Twitter & notes on FurAffinity

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I should probably start off by saying I haven't been able to make a transaction yet. I'm interested in getting a commission from this artist, but they haven't responded to my messages. I don't know if this the right forum to ask this in, but I'm at a complete loss here and I genuinely don't know where else to go.

Our conversation started off around the end of January; I sent them a message asking a few questions, they responded minutes after, and I passed over the details for what I had in mind.
After that, they've gone completely silent. I've tried getting in contact with them roughly around the same time they started taking commissions, which was around the beginning of March, the middle of April and May, and the end of August.
They are active and, going by the notes I've sent them on FA, have been reading my messages.

I'm not sure what to do in this situation. Should I try to keep getting in touch with them every time they start taking commissions, or should I just move on and look for other artists to work with?

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No transaction? You're in luck because while you're only out time; you're not out money.

As annoying as it is to want a particular artist and they ghost you like this when you're so ready to work with them, take it as a sign of what was liiely to come.

Find a new artist and don't bother with the one who stopped contacting you.

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It's possible your original interaction came off in some way that either upset the artist or made them feel uncomfortable. Impossible to know without a (heavily censored) screenshot of your conversation. But as Xaila said, assume this was how it would have been if you had sent them money and move on to a new artist.

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