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I commissioned a fursuit maker for something (an item they had in their sales post) and they clarified they either had those same materials they used to make another of what was in their sales post or could get more.I see the final result and the materials used look nothing like what I asked them about. I was told I'm wrong and the item is the exact same (Its not, i've asked around in case it was just me). I requested a refund. They told me I will not get a refund until they've made a profit and the item sells. They have not replied to my latest message since but I am giving them a few days.

MY QUESTION: How do I avoid a situation like this for next time? I thought my using their example and simply saying "Can you do another just like this." was enough.

I feel awful for doing this to the artist but I'm also not happy that they felt the need to try and lie to me that what they finished was the same as what they used in their example.

Thank you.

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When the description is vague, essentially its a roll of the dice on your situation here.

What you've described implies that other materials, that do not pertain to the original listing, were in the mix to be used, which logically leads me to believe you got something more towards the "could get more" end of the spectrum vs the original scraps.

You're in the right of it to be direct about what you want to see, along with visual aids to be precise about what you'd like to be would be enough to cover you.

If you can place the products side by side with what you requested vs what you got and its wholly off? Then its on the creator for not following through with your form.
Say like, you wanted to see a purple dragon and got a yellow gecko, that's eyebrow-worthy to further discuss within the realms of a beware post.

Just give a good heaping helping of visual representation when making another request of this sort.

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