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Questions re: Organization for an LLC


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So my question isn't about forming the LLC itself, but organization afterward.

Here are my (probably dumb) questions:

If I keep good records, do I NEED a business banking account?
I don't expect to make much (if any) money for at least the first 1-2 years. I keep good financial records and am confident keeping it with my personal finances (for the time being anyway) won't be detrimental. But everything I read about LLCs says I should create one?
If I do need one, are there any banks you'd suggest? I didn't do a ton of looking, but what I did see all had fees. Whereas my personal accounts are all free.

How do you deal with Paypal?
Do you get a separate account for your LLC or is it the same as your personal paypal account? Unlike my bank account, I would prefer a separate paypal account for the LLC.
My worry is I don't want my personal information mixed with the business information. As far as I can tell, you can't really pick what information (like name) shows up in invoices and such. It has to be the same name every time, which is problematic since I do a lot of personal online spending.

Anything else I should know? Or helpful tips for "going official"?
Yeah I pretty much have no idea of what I'm doing organization-wise. Though I do know how to legally form the LLC.

Thanks in advance.

edit to add:
What's a good online store that allows you to sell your own physical goods, but doesn't charge a monthly fee?
I don't expect to make many sales for the first few years, so I'd prefer to have a storefront that charges commission per sale instead of doing a monthly fee for the store. I will be making my own physical things so a site like storenvy or society6 wouldn't work (as far as I know).
If it comes down to it, I can always make my own storefront through wordpress but for the time being I'd like to avoid that.

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Yes.  Get a separate bank account.  It can actually be a crime to co-mingle LLC funds with your private accounts.  Take the amount of money you intended to use to start your business, open the account with that money, and leave it there.  Use that money for business expenses.  Pay yourself from that account on a schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, etc).  As far as which bank you go with, there are so many regional chains and credit unions that I couldn't begin to offer suggestions.

For PayPal, setting up a business account is pretty easy.  They're near identical to private accounts, except it shows business information on invoices, and you get some extra little perks and features.  Using a business account even as a freelance artist is pretty recommended because it helps prevent doxxing.

For storefronts, Dealer's Den is pretty solid.  It doesn't have much of a reach, but it also doesn't nickel and dime you to death the way Etsy does.  If you're solid with marketing, it's a pretty good place to be.

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