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Should I beware?

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I have an artist on FA that I had asked to do a trade with. We agreed to the trade back in Nov/19th/2016 (My half was finished Jan/12th/2017)

Since then I have messaged them SEVERAL times, asked to be put on their trello they used to have but no longer do. I've messaged them asking for progress, for any updates, even an excuse to why their half was never done. I've gotten replies back about 80% of the time, each time being roughly told "Yeah sorry I'll get on it, I've been busy" or roughly to that effect. Each time I've messaged they've gotten shorter and shorter with me, as if I'm bothering them. (Mind you I go MONTHS and months in between messages)

They've switched accounts since the original trade deal and finishing their piece. I saved my own butt by watermarking it with WIPS before sending it off, but the work was still done.

Now the real kicker is ever since that deal they've been taking on commissions, and offering out freebies to people like crazy. It seems like 40% of their posts are freebies. So I'm getting royally miffed.

I haven't mentioned a beware but by this point I've reached out more than enough, and waited more than long enough with the current situation to give them a beware imo. I was wondering what the community thinks.

tl;dr: Made a trade deal for a full body pinup Nov/2016. Finished my half Jan/2017, noted a few times here and there, replies each time but no progress being made, and then taking on many commissions and freebies without ever getting to mine. Worth a beware?

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