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  • Beware - iRoxyKun/PrinceKetchum

    • Who: iRoxyKun/PrinceKetchum
      Where: https://iroxykun.weebly.com/
      When: 07/20/2020
      What: Commission

    Message added by Celestina,

    This has been downgraded from beware to caution.

    I commissioned iRoxyKun for a $40 chibi image on 7/20/2020, following a trade (iRoxyKun had offered art for a character on my Toyhouse, and had completed the trade quickly). After discussing the commission details and providing references, I paid iRoxyKun $40 that day. At this time, they stated that their current turnaround time was 2-4 weeks. (Image 1)

    On 8/19/2020, I noted iRoxyKun on Toyhouse, as I had not received any communications or updates since payment. They responded within two minutes, stating that they had not been feeling well, and had not begun work on my commission.

    On 9/4/2020, over five weeks from my purchase, I began to look at their other accounts to see if they were alright. I found that they had decided to discontinue doing any commission work and were going to finish their current queue. Seeing as my piece had not been started, I contacted them to offer opening a refund, as I thought this would relieve them of more work. A few hours later, iRoxyKun responded, refusing a refund due to a lack of funds. (Image 2)

    I gave iRoxyKun an ultimatum: deliver a response, plan, or sketch within two weeks, or I would begin the chargeback process with PayPal. Though iRoxyKun read my note on Toyhouse, they did not offer a response. Wanting to find information on what was going on, I went to their art Twitter. Here I found that on 8/9/2020, they were offering commissions for FFXIV items. On 8/20/2020. they opened for three $25 sketches. During the duration of 7/20/2020 to 9/11/2020, I had not received any work, or any indication that my piece would be finished.

    On 9/11/2020, I sent a final notice: if iRoxyKun did not communicate with me by the afternoon of 9/12/2020, I would issue a charge back. I had initially offered a two week deadline, but iRoxyKun had never responded to my asking for a plan of action or progress on the piece. The night of 9/11/2020, they issued my money back, along with the attached note. (Images 3 and 4).

    I have received the amount I paid back in full, however I would advise against working with this artist, due to a lack of professional communication, lack of respect for deadlines, and their actions in taking on more and more work on top of their current queue.

    (Please note that due to the newest-at-top message format of Toyhouse, these images read bottom to top, except for Image 4)





    Edited by Celestina
    replaced uncensored cap

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    The thing about this to me is I feel it could have been avoided had the artist been up-front about the wait time. They say both in note and on their site that turn around is 2-4 weeks, but their Trello shows that it's more like 8-10 weeks. They seem to be getting stuff done for the most part but you can't tell your clients 2-4 weeks, communicate absolutely nothing to them in that time, and then expect them to not be upset. There's no apology, nothing that conveys any sense of 'yeah I dropped the ball'. This is something that could get worse if the artist doesn't start being honest with their clients and their own time. This is only compounded by the fact that they have inconsistent turn-arounds, some being completed in the same day vs the 10 week wait others have had. I don't blame the OP for bailing.

    They already have quite a number of works in progress, I worry about this getting worse if they continue to take on more work without evaluating their time, how they manage it (as well as charging more). Here's hoping it doesn't get worse.

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