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  • Beware: starblazer

    • Who: Starblazer aka GamerGalaxy2013
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/starblazer/
      When: 11/16/2020
      What: Commission

    Would like to note that the Client since this incident, has deactivated their twitter and FA account.

    I have attached all the proof and censored out any sensitive information,

    On November 16, 2020 I received a notification of a chargeback on my PayPal account for the sum of $600 from this individual's commission stating it was an order "made without their permission" or an "unauthorized purchase". This was false as I attached when the client contacted me about his stickers while he paid. The artwork in question was completed and delivered to the buyer.

    When the chargeback occurred, I emailed the client asking for an explanation. He claimed that he "paid his mother" via her PayPal to get them and wasn't sure why it happened. However the PayPal email and his real life name matched (which was censored out).

    I went ahead and responded and asked him to remove the dispute.


    He disappeared for a couple of days, which I hadn't heard from him until Thursday November 19, 2020 to which he responded that he will do everything to get the money to me, including an additional $100 to make it $700. However, he stated that he was recently kicked out by his parents. As of today he has deactivated both his twitter and FA account and seems to be disappearing into the void.

    While I can understand his situation, it does not mean they should retract payments that were made after work was completed and delivered. Especially that much work that I spent hours completing and even made a priority to finish. I provided a service that they paid for prior to any of these events occurring.

    I have went forward with the dispute to try and get the money returned to me by PayPal, but it may take up to 30 days. This is a warning to those that may work with this individual (StarBlazer/GamerGalaxy2013/KlalWuf ) in the future.









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    God I'm so sorry this happened to you. I really really hate some of those PayPal policies. If an unauthorized person stole from your account, you gather whatever data you can and take it to the police, you wouldn't just go and take money out of some random seller's pocket. That's downright criminal. If PayPal and not the seller had to pay in such cases, they'd revise those policies in the blink of an eye. Eh, I sincerely hope they at least decide in your favour. $600 would be my entire monthly payment, so I can't imagine having that much stolen from me.

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    Incredible. You must have read my mind, because I accidentally discovered this post and wanted to express my opinion. And a couple of minutes after that I received your message asking me to do it!


    I would like to share some new details, but I'm afraid I won't be able to add anything new.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, this guy stole my $70 after he got his animation. As in your case, he cried that it was his mother's fault, who owned the PP 
    At first, he just begged me to wait and let him deal with her, but when my patience began to run out and I became more persistent, he began to ignore me and soon after that he began to change his personal data wherever possible.
    Also, I created a post on FA and found that I was not the only victim. Through comments and private messages, I discovered that this idiot tricked many people and stole art worth several thousand dollars.

    Out of despair, I began trying to touch his friends, who were marked as close contacts for him. Some did not understand where he got so many drawings in such a short time, but all as one declared that this person adored drama and had a policy of communication "Or you'll appreciate me, or fuck off." 

    I have a funny note. Even his Steam profile has a VAC ban. It looks like this guy absolutely does not know how to act honestly, regardless of the field of activity.

    Edited by Celestina
    this post has been censored to comply with our rules. Please remember that we expect people to follow all of our guidelines. We are not a drama site, and do not allow doxxing nor insults.
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    • Senior Staff

    Mod Note: We do not allow the posting of personal information such as full legal names, in the event that the name is not publicly available.

    that being said, in doing the research for this I checked out if there was an archive or cached version of his Furaffinity page, and there was

    On his furaffinity profile, he already lists himself as homeless, and this was capped on October 16th. I don't have the exact date of this change but this shows that his 'homeless' status was a whole month before this all started. He doesn't bring up any of this only until after the charge backs went though. None of the artists were informed of this potentially significant change at or around the date of October 16th at any point.

    His steam account logs him as having over 150 hours played in destiny in the last 2 weeks and he was logged into destiny 2, through steam at the time I and the other mods were reviewing the account. He had also logged into his SecondLife account (account name KlalWuf) only a few hours before that.

    While I'm very much aware that a person can be homeless by means of couch surfing at a friend's place, thus enabling the ability to use a laptop and be able to game or use secondlife, the strange and inconsistent information for a 20 YO claiming a paypal account is his mother's, it makes all that activity incredibly suspect.

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    UPDATE: Thankfully Paypal has ruled in my favor for the proof of service and delivery. Though this beware on Starblazer should stay available to warn others of this individuals actions. The client never contacted me to fix the situation and I had to rely on Paypals "seller protection" to get the chargeback reversed.


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    • Administrator

    A post was not approved as it contains proxy. Please remember comments must also follow the submission gudelines, and may only be about your transactions.

    If anyone knows of others please encourage them to submit their own post. 

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