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  • No Work or Communication in a Year

    • Who: Ricardo C (Twitter Name: @DoodleRiC)
      Where: Twitter
      When: 02/18/2018
      What: Commission

    I commissioned this artist in February 2018. This one is pretty cut and dry. We exchanged notes on the animated commission I wanted and then there was a pause in communication since I was busy with work and the artist was ill. After May, I didn't hear anything back from the artist. I exceeded the PayPal chargeback time frame so I was not able to get my money back. I also did not receive any E-Mails back from Ricardo from the address he uses for PayPal. However, there were plenty of instances where he was posting on his Twitter account throughout 2018 so essentially, he took my money and ignored me. Buyers beware!

    E Mail.JPG

    twitterDM 1.JPG

    twitterDM 2.JPG

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    Very cut and dry. Although them not being on Twitter for a few months makes me think something is up, outside of running away with your money.

    Have you tried hitting up @StudioYotta to see if anyone is aware of their status? That way you can either know:

    1) The artist dropped off the face of the Earth and are MIA.

    2) Studio Yotta know where the artist is and can get in contact with them. This helps for making the studio aware their associate has ran away with money if the artist is safe or can let you know something bad has happened.

    Sorry my mind went to a bad place since there is complete radio silence.

    Edited by HoodieCat
    Updated to read more fluently.

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