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  • Beware: Voegel

    • Who: Voegel / F1owerhound
      Where: www.furaffinity.net/user/voegel / twitter.com/f1owerhound
      When: 02/29/2016
      What: Commission

    I approached Voegel in February of 2016 for a chibi style commission, they promptly replied and we discussed prices. I immediately sent payment, and waited patiently for a response.





    June 3rd, i gently poked for an update and pretty much insisted that i wasn't in a rush. Being a full-time artist myself, i understand and know that it takes time. I never recieved a WIP, either.




    I then poked again on November 13th, i sent my final set of notes before I lost contact. Saying that i understand that things happen, and that i understand it taking a while. I did not want a rushed product, or to stress them out. So i unfortunately did not put my foot down after 9 months of waiting without a single WIP and sparse communication.




    Someone else had taken over their account and Trello (queue) to do small updates for customers. Fortunately i still see my name on this trello, but the links are broken and it hasnt been updated since 2017.

    https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7748095/ (trello)

    https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8187732/ (Google docs refund form)


    Time passes, and an artist i follow posts a finished commission on twitter and i recognize the character, so i very politely message them and ask if i can get the handle to the owner. They give me the new handle of Voegel and im able to message them once more. If not for this one random occurrence i would have never found them again.

    This last set of screenshots is our very short conversation about how to deal with this situation, that i never got a response to. I left the conversation open ended to get their feedback because at the time they were offering a refund AND the art, and i really didnt feel like that was necessary. I was okay with either, but i wouldnt feel right with taking both. I said i needed to make a new reference for my character and that if they wanted to do the art, that was fine. And i never got a response.



    Its coming back around to that same time of year in a few months, and i honestly think ive waited long enough without any contact. Like i said, im a full-time artist and have been for many years. I know things slip through the cracks, illness and self doubts/anxiety get in the way, and it takes time to put out work. Its hard. And i would have been okay with the wait if they would have kept contact with me, which they did not do. Account hopping without trying to get in contact with your commissioners is also not okay.

    I had to hunt this artist down to have them leave without a word AGAIN, and its become unacceptable. I just want to make it aware that this person may resurface again and that they still owe people work that they have not done.

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    Sorry if this might be an odd question, but when you were prompted for payment, did they make any indication of how to send it?
    (Like, outside of your posted notes)
    A few years ago, back when they were actively posting and advertising their icon commissions, when I inquired about working with them, they were *adamant* about receiving payment via gifting options and not service ones; I def took my business elsewhere after that.

    The only reason I ask is despite the time anyone, yourself included, spent waiting... if he was still insistent on skirting paypal fees... he also sabotaged his commissioners from taking proper recourse via disputes on the platform before his owed commissions/refunds got to that height.

    Which, boy howdy, is quite a feat in itself.

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    3 hours ago, rikki said:

    Sorry if this might be an odd question, but when you were prompted for payment, did they make any indication of how to send it?

    Thankfully no, all the notes shown here are /literally/ all the notes/messages i have. Which isnt much. As far as i remember i sent it as a payment.

    But thats... yikes. I didnt know anything about that. 

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    Did you get a refund? Did they ever send any other messages after that last one in March? I would just take the refund, and if they do ever end up drawing you can send them a tip (even if its $35 to pay for it).

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    19 hours ago, theodor said:

    Did you get a refund? Did they ever send any other messages after that last one in March? I would just take the refund, and if they do ever end up drawing you can send them a tip (even if its $35 to pay for it).

    No refund. No art. No further contact. I am fine with either, but they have not been active / contact me since that last message. Its really out of my hands and up to them to try and rectify the situation. 

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    Disappointing but not surprising. I remember years back Voegal had issues with delivering commissions and would repeatedly and constantly disappear and reappear on FA. 

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