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  • Beware: Jazz-o

    • Who: Jazz-o
      Where: https://www.deviantart.com/jazz-o
      When: 04/24/2019
      What: Commission

    Oh April 24th of this year, i had commissioned Jazz-o for a 3 way collab commission with two other people. I was given a deadline of 2 weeks. I will admit fault on my part for failing to follow up after 2 weeks but i will admit i had completely forgotten about the commission at the time. 




    When i did remember, it had been 4-5 months since the commission had been ordered. When i did remember, i had contacted Jazz-o on Discord to request an update on the commission's progress. I was informed that things were on hold due to a recent death in the family and was told it would get completed. Nothing was said to imply the art was being worked on.


    Not long after, i had a change of heart and decided i no longer wanted the artwork. Under the impression that the work still hadn't been started, i contacted Jazz-o to request a full refund, to which she agreed. She informed me she didn't have the money to refund me that day, but said she'd be able to get the money back to me in 1-2 months. I agreed to wait.


    2 months pass and i receive a note from Jazz-o on deviantART claiming the artwork was now almost completely finished and that she could only offer me a $10 refund for what hadn't been done yet. I find out that the sketch had actually been finished at the time i requested the refund and simply wasn't informed of it. 


    I had to remind her that i stated i did not want the art anymore. I did receive the artwork instead of the agreed upon refund, but i did not want it and made that clear twice before receiving it. I'm posting this because there are several other cases of unfulfilled obligations on Jazz-o's end and i'd like to warn anyone who may or may not have considered commissioning her about the possible outcome of doing so.

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    "I'm not used to the art freelance industry or what's right or wrong, so I'm going to take the most logical and professional route"

    Aannnd then they take the most unprofessional route ever by forcing a piece on you that you already made clear that you didn't want.  The audacity.

    So from a 10 11 year freelancer, I have some advice for Jazz-o:

    1. When you take someone's money you're a business.
    2. When your client states they don't want the work anymore you stop and give them their refund.  Even if it's in partial payments, you give them their refund.  How you handle the collab payout is between you and the artists, but since you dropped the ball, you deliver the funds.
    3. You are responsible for providing WIPs.  It is not the client's job to ask you to do yours.
    4. I see the queue isn't clear and yet more commissions are being piled on. Stop.  Adding more work when you've got a backlog is a great way to invite 100% justified chargebacks.
    5. Up your prices and take on less work.  Jesus, $50 for a full body with a background?  No wonder they're backlogged.

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    I'm not used to the art freelance industry or what's right or wrong, so I'm going to take the most logical and professional route.


    You can not treat me like I am a business- I'm not. I am a single artist raising money for a person cause, and under no circumstance did I say I was a professional art business owner.

    One of these things is 👏 not 👏 like 👏 the 👏 other 👏!

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    Definition of "business" aside, their claims about when the work was finished are invalidated by their own messages in the discord chat (dated 10/15)


    I do plan on getting it done



    and like I said, things are being worked on,  I do have a long list of things I am doing in order, and like I told people, I am still working on things

    If they had, in fact, finished it 2 days PRIOR to that then they should not have said it was going to BE done, they should have said it was being finished up or, at the very least, worked on. Or even already finished if they were satisfied with the results and ready to send it on.



    In no way did I lie to you. You should have asked clear questions before immediately asking for a refund.

    Except that.... they did.

    The earlier 'will be done' claims were a lie if it was actually completed 2 days before they were approached.

    Beyond that, "when do you plan on finishing your part of the collab" is a pretty clear question in my opinion and the response from them seemed to have been a clear "I haven't started it yet, but plan on it eventually."

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    > "The wait time is about 2 weeks"
    > "You were not given a due date for the finished product"

    While a "about __ weeks" notion isn't a set due date, you can't place a customer at fault for being annoyed waiting for months after the ETA, especially since the customer had to reach out, rather than the artist giving a direct update to the customer that delays were going to happen.

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