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  • Beware: Hunter Cheshire

    • Who: Hunter Cheshire
      Where: https://twitter.com/GlasglowCat
      When: 05/01/2019
      What: Commission


    Mod note:  There were originally screencaps of a discort chat where the artist vented about Scourge by name, and was passive aggressive about Scourge asking for updates.

    They were removed because we couldn't verify how public the artist's server is, but the conversation did happen.

    Message added by Celestina

    Okay so back on the very first of May I commission Hunter for a 3 character colored halfbody piece that was suppose to be an in stream  commission. After first it went well. The sketch was done in the stream the next day, but it was cut short for reasons I don't know, but wasn't really a problem. fast forward three months to mid July and I ask for an update. She replies saying she got busy with work. Again no big problem we all have at one point. 1575212615_Screenshot(528).thumb.png.ed27a3437f919d7aee5d153219394884.png





    Jump another month to mid August and I again ask for an update. She proceeds to show me the sketch from the stream back in May. She once again says that life had gotten in the way and such. Now I'm a little annoyed because it seems like I'm just getting the same excuse. While I understand life happens in all that it's hard to overlook the fact that nothing had been done in almost 4 months at this point. On top of that she had been streaming an at least twice a week doing personal art and even once a birthday stream for her friend. 1254233507_Screenshot(532).png.e5670b27880d9285901453c8e7b30626.png


    I didn't wait as long last time as I had asked for an update on the 7th of this month and all I received as a reply is "Slowly, but surely". That tells me nothing and just lead me to believe that nothing further had been done at all. At this point I was frustrated and decided to take some time and ask others what I should do. They all advised I be direct and confront her about it which I did. At first I was trying to be calm and civil about it all, but I was met with the same excuse as well as a few new ones. All of which summed up to mean that is almost 5 months she hasn't done anything from that first stream. She calmed she was too busy with life, but could stream personal art twice a week and had even taken a commission this month and finished it in 2 days. But that wasn't the end apparently. She also decided to go to her server and basically badmouth me to everyone there thinking I wouldn't see it I guess and again using all the same excuses as before. 

    Mod Note:  The caps from the discord chat were removed as we couldn't verify how public this chat is.  We did see that Scourge was named directly, not vented about anonymously.





    Edited by Celestina
    edited to remove possibly private chat

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    If they had almost finished the linework on the piece they could have atleast shown you it to prove they are working on it.

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    So only update I have is that the artist promised to work on my commission in stream today. Sadly that didn't happen as for the whole 3 hour stream all she work on were poke fusion sketches.

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    The end of my PayPal protection is close to ending so I told the artist I'd only give her until the 26th and this is the following conversation.photo_2019-10-14_21-14-10.thumb.jpg.5fd089d0ee456f3a40eb2b6943413ab4.jpgphoto_2019-10-14_21-45-44.thumb.jpg.0d8c846f118f238a978e7b8c4b3b9f02.jpg

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    From the way it seems, you've been more than patient enough for this person and give then an opportunity to finish along on top of that they snap back at you like that? It might be advisable to get the refund/dispute if you don't get the finished work by the 26th since their behavior indicates that this person does not want to do business with you.

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