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  • Beware: Felixavenier/ avenier

    • Who: Felixavenier
      Where: https://twitter.com/felixavenier?lang=en
      When: 01/12/2019
      What: Commission


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    Message added by Celestina

    This is my first time writing a PSA, and I really didn't want to have to do this, but the lack of communication or regard for commissioners leads me to believe it's necessary -- if only to warn others in the interest of protecting their assets.

    I commissioned this artist on January 12th of this year, for two flat-colored pieces with a simple bg totaling $140 (transaction proof below). 

    After the initial back and forth regarding references and payment, during which they were very fast to respond to me, I was content to wait and left them to their queue. On March 16th, I politely asked for an update given that I hadn't heard from them.


    There was no response, and I made another attempt on the 30th just in case they'd missed it. Finally, on April 20th, I decided the lack of reply was too uncomfortable to wait any longer, especially when they were still active on the twitter, stream, and tumblr accounts linked in their website. I filed a claim through PayPal a week after informing them of why I was doing it over both email and DeviantArt notes, since I don't have a twitter. 


    I finally got what seemed like an apologetic and acceptable response on the 22nd, seen here asking me to close the claims in exchange for wip images. To my relief, they were able to provide them.
    My reply here. At this point, I was ready to close after seeing the very sketchy WIP images (NSFW, so they won't be posted here.) Please learn from my foolish mistake: if you ever feel the need to file a claim with paypal over a piece of artwork and consistently can't get a response, only close it once the work is finished. In retrospect, I was a pushover and I was way too ready to close the claim to avoid conflict.




    The last communication I received from them was on April 22nd sending me a second WIP. I sent a request for a few small changes in response. 
    On June 8th, I sent another polite poke, followed by a more serious request on June 20th.  I've gotten no response since.

    It's now been over seven months with only minimal and dodgy communication on their end, and none of the promised art.

    This is not a personal attack on @felixavenier , only an unfortunately necessary warning since they're a popular artist with a lot of commissioners. Please note that their ToS mentions frequent updates . Sadly, the impression I've been left with is that the only updates that will be given are if you threaten action via PayPal.



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    Sorry, I copied this from my deviantart post so the text format is a little wonky and I couldn't figure out how to remove the formatting.

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    First reg flag is when they claim they were on holiday, but active on multiple platforms. I get email messing up, but that's a long time to misplace any sort of update and seek out the client with WIPs.

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