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  • Beware: ChazThePanwere

    • Who: Artist: ChazThePanwere
      Where: Website: https://www.panwerestudios.com/
      Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chazthepanwere/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChazThePanwere?s=09
      Telegram: @ChazThePanwere/@PanwereStudios
      When: 01/31/2019
      What: Commission

    On 31.01.2019 I contacted ChazThePanwhere over a Furry Marketplace Group on Telegram. She made an offer for a comic she and a friend were working on. The role should be the mascot of a school and thus the main character of the project. She said there would be art, t-shirts and all kind of merch on that comic so the slot would be a bit pricey, but for 700$ I could join, but I had to be fast because anotherone already was interested in the slot. So I agreed to pay for it.

     IMG_20200205_231622.thumb.jpg.fe5d50d7ab5ad51ecab7e4bfae90c99f.jpg IMG_20200205_231628.thumb.jpg.5e4f24081bd73fd91bc6ce402f990822.jpg
    IMG_20200205_231659.thumb.jpg.186816c486f91e7530a5aa8128c5f6b5.jpg IMG_20200205_231749.thumb.jpg.a5502b20b4f9c395c220ab56ff0a129a.jpg

    She then sent the Invoice via Paypal and I paid roughly 700$

    The first days went good, the first pic arrived only 4 days later. (Also she forgot to draw my hair, but that's a minor issue)

    Next thing came on 20th February

    And then she took one month to fill it, but she said she was super busy and so I didn't want to be rude and thought it was okay (I know how it is to be busy sometimes). But then things changed. She didn't write me anything over months, so I decided to write her in June.

    She told me she was in some serious trouble because she doesn't have money anymore and was sick and everything. I said it was ok and wished her well. IMG_20200205_234111.thumb.jpg.60efbe3f9a5855c810fcfcdc0a75ac04.jpg

    Next thing again I had to write her because I heared nothing from her. It was 15th September meanwhile and so I decided to drop out of the project. I tried to make her a fair offer, because she already did some art and had some trouble, so I didn't request a full refund.

    Followed by the picture of the invoice in case she doesn't even remember it. She took it easy and said she couldn't pay it all by now, but she would do in installments and I was really relieved that it would go this easy.

    I also wrote with her partner (the storywriter of the comic) at this time. I just wanted him to know I wouldn't be part of the Comic anymore and it turned out he didn't even know that ChazThePanwere took money for drawing, she told him she would do it as a sparetime project. 


    This got me a bit uneasy. On 21st September (6 Days later) she then contacted me again and said, that she would not give a refund now, because in her contract she said she will only give refunds if she doesn't make progress in 12 Month. She showed me the phrase and she was right. 


    So I gave her time until today (5th February 2020) to do some more art, but she didn't. So I wrote her a friendly but resolute message that I want my money back or I would take several actions (this Beware being one of them) and gave her two weeks (and again an option to friendly discuss it all out) to send it to my PayPal account and she said she wouldn't send me my money back, but rather rush six more pics and then close the project as done. This is the reason why I decided to write this beware today and not in two weeks as first said.

    Screenshot_20200206_001432_org.thunderdog.challegram.thumb.jpg.f6af701251293d77a471b964d21b3260.jpg Screenshot_20200206_001456_org.thunderdog.challegram.thumb.jpg.2221e8ac1f98b931020b398a3eb76e64.jpg
    Screenshot_20200206_001504_org.thunderdog.challegram.thumb.jpg.7814202c099643930f2dbbcb2c3cf440.jpg Screenshot_20200206_001508_org.thunderdog.challegram.thumb.jpg.e574ecdd7fcdc8409be86f7517ac7ba2.jpg

    I am more than sure I will never get my money back, but maybe it helps other people to not live through the same thing. 


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    I am so astonished by all this. What gets me the most is when she wants to change YOUR character. Color detail or not, that's YOUR character. She's getting paid to draw YOUR character. That's just plain rude and unprofessional she would change a character that is rightfully yours. That boils my blood so much and reminds me what not to do as an artist. This is a big no-no and I am sorry you went through all that. That is definitely fraud of what she is doing and I hope you get your money back. You were more than patient enough.

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