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  • Beware: BrokenVocaloid

    • Who: BrokenVocaloid
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/brokenvocaloid/
      When: 01/21/2020
      What: Commission


    We held this beware back to allow OP to follow through with the deadline for refund.  We've verified behind the scenes that the artist hasn't sent anything, nor have they followed up with OP.

    Message added by Celestina

    I thought I got a steal.

    3 Months ago I purchased two commissions from this artist at the same time. The transaction was paid for and done the same day in the same receipt.

    I made multiple attempts to receive the work and never did. Was just led on time after time while watching their queues fill with more and more work they were somehow producing and still getting paid for by other people. 

    On month 3 I messaged for a refund and was told to search through the SCRAPS on their FA, link them to the two I want that AREN'T the originals I paid for, link them my reference again, and they would finish it in a week. 


    At this point I am making this because they flood FA with YCHs but have been finishing commissions of favorites firstly. Others like me go without ours for months even with reminders. 






    05.03.20:  No refund has come.

    Edited by Celestina
    added refund status.

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    For those who may be confused as to what's going on, this artist posts a lot of YCHs.  They've lost the ones OP has originally bid on, and wanted OP to pick new ones to have done.

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    Hello ! I am brokenvocaloid ! 

    And I will admit I am VERY behind on stuff, and I have stopped from posting so much a couple months to focus on sceduling and sending out info to my customers ! ( I usually do ALL my updates via journals and usually some miss and or do not read journals which I understand ) 

    This customer has been refunded - I had them on a trello to remind me and with everything going on with the sickness going around, I have been very frantic and lost track of some stuff!

    I have recently as well put up 2 journals reminding all customers that if I missed anyone to note with me info so I can keep them on trello and work with them to get their stuff out as quickly as possible ! 

    but I do apologize ! January was a bad time for me with many personal stuff hitting me that put me behind as well as 2019 being such a clusterfuck on me. 

    But I am working to fix and be better at my organization

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    I'm pretty understanding and flexible when it comes to Commissions. I'm patient because of real world problems however, you have been known to do your friends' art first. Not to mention my Commission was back before January, before all this pandemic so using that as an excuse just goes to show you don't really regret anything you do and have done to people for longer than 3 years 

    You put rest of us on a back burner so long as you got your heaps of money from the massive batches you put out. Not only that, but you were never in contact with me via Trello. I contacted your manager via Telegram after a claim had been sitting on PayPal for you to open but you never did. Had I left the claim for not receiving my item posted, it would've gone further on May 9th. The only reason I contacted your manager was because I posted the artist's beware. This was just a common courtesy to give you the chance to clean up and be honest but here I see more excuses to take advantage of easy money.

    You were able to communicate to me via FA and lead me to believe you were very much aware of my work and you were doing both of them. I was given multiple different dates and deadlines. Since this beware I've had several people approach me because this is a currently ongoing problem. I really really hope you can learn to be honest and do honest work instead of acting like everyone should sweep things under a rug because you had one rough month.


    If it was hard, stop putting out batches. If you got unorganized, stop selling more art. If you couldn't figure out commissions you probably should've closed them instead of letting other people waste their money and time. 

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    I wanted to add to this post that I'd had a negative, but resolved situation with this artist as well (Never made a beware since it had been resolved, but I figured I could leave a quick summary here for readers to be aware of.)

    Readers should be aware that my situation took place in December 2019/Janurary 2020. The artist mentions this time frame in her response to the OP.

    I bought an older YCH in December, paid immediately, and then things went dark for two weeks. I took a glance at her gallery, and saw that there were many new YCHs posted, not a problem! But then I noticed that these newer YCHs also had some finished art pieces of those YCHs along with them (meaning people commissioned her after I already had, but were getting their art before me.)

    I sent her a pm asking about it, and she talked about getting back to work on her backlog soon. I asked her about the "backlog" thing because at the time of commission, it was never said that I was purchasing a backlog slot, as far as I knew I was purchasing a slot in her current queue. I also asked her for my specific place in her queue. She simply responded "ill finish it tomorrow" and that was it.

    I check her page again the next day, and she's advertising some YCHs along with a stream coming up that night where she'd be doing those YCHs during the stream. Still no word about my piece, so I sent her another PM. She said she'd be "finishing it tonight" and I asked if it would be done before, or after this stream, and she said "after".

    I sent her a message at that point voicing my concerns with how she was managing her commissions, that it was messing with my anxiety some, and directly expressed that I felt like I would wake up in the morning to an empty inbox.

    I woke up and she did actually have the image in my inbox. It wasn't fully complete, which I inquired about, and she told me she had just sent me a draft so I can "relax and not freak out anymore". Later that day, I did receive my complete images. I didn't appreciate the comment about me freaking out, when I simply expressed concern about how she was handling my commission, but I did receive the art in expected quality.


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    I am having issues with the same artist and was thinking about making a beware as well. I have been waiting since mid July 2019 and theres still nothing to show but a constantly growing queue and excuses unfortunately :c

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    I have been having problems with them as well, I payed for a YCH on July 27 2019 and never received anything after awhile I decided to get something else from them  on December 3 2019  they made that one quickly and when I asked about the previous one they had no clue what I was talking about. So I had to do some digging and found the original YCH and sent it to them, they never responded so I sent a note to their TOS account.

    They responded and said that they will send the refund that was January 8 2020 and they said it would take 2 weeks.

    I sent another request for a refund on April 8 2020 they responded on April 11 2020 and said that they didnt know what happened and that they would send it by the end of the week.

    Once again nothing so I sent another request on June 11 2020 and havent had any response, Any advice?

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    Make a Claim via PayPal if you can, if not call your bank and see if you can change the purchase that was made. At this point getting your money back should be the priority, I didn't stop bothering their "manager" until they corrected their behavior. 

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