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  • Beware: CozyCollie

    • Who: CozyCollie
      Where: @CozyCollie on Twitter
      When: 04/11/2019
      What: Commission

    I commissioned this artist to make a character sheet for my OC for $100. I paid upfront. Though he was iffy about the proposed due date, he said he'd do his best and I was willing to allow wiggle room. I contacted him a month later (May 23rd) to ask about progress. He said he'd get back to me, but didn't until June 27th, saying I "Slipped" his "mind". I poke him again on July 20th, and he claims that he's been sick all month. I send one "hello" message on August 8th and another on August 17th. No response.

    During this entire time, CozyCollie has been tweeting about accepting more commissions and doing YCH's. The screenshots I provide are of our DM's and some posts he's made regarding taking more commissions after I paid him for mine.
















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    I've unfortunately had a similar experience with this artist in the past. At Anthrohio 2018, I purchased a full body badge from them. Not only did they leave the con early without notifying any commissioners (I literally only found out through their twitter), but they still haven't shipped the badge out. I lost all of our recent telegram conversation due to deleting my account (personal reasons) but I do have some old screenshots.


    I did not ask them about it again until March of 2019 due to a lot of things happening in my personal life (moved to a whole different country in November, had a lot on my mind to prep/get ready for that) but I asked about it in March of this year, after I returned back home. They said they'd ship it out that week. They also mentioned to me in passing that they had been using the badge as a fullbody example at conventions, which made no sense as their excuse was poor memory/kept forgetting to ship it. I obviously mean no ill will or anything by posting my experience with this artist, but I'm glad I could finally share it with people, and that others had a similar experience.

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    I would give them a deadline, and if they don't respond or give you the art until then, you should open a paypal dispute.
    You have 180 days to do that from when you sent the money, and don't close that until you get the art.

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    29 minutes ago, Vashaa said:

    I would give them a deadline, and if they don't respond or give you the art until then, you should open a paypal dispute.
    You have 180 days to do that from when you sent the money, and don't close that until you get the art.

    To further on this, you have a 20 day window after the start of the dispute to escalate it to a claim or else it can get auto-closed. Do not close the dispute until after the item is in your hand (and in viable condition too if a physical item).

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    I had similar experiences. I commissioned them twice over the past few years. They forgot to ship my first commission and when I asked a year later they said they couldn’t find it. and my second, about a yr later, took months to ship AFTER it was completed. The same “I forgot/it got lost/I can’t make it to the post office” explanations as the OP. really thought they’d improve, but a friend recently had a similar experience with a ref commission. He gave an eta of 1-2 months and when the client asked about progress 4 months later he “lost the file”. I think he eventually got the commission.

    Their old handles are MintiMudi and mixeddisaster and a few others. they’ve had bewares here before.

    Edited by shout
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