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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. I commissioned two pieces from Tankdragon (Furaffinity) back in August of last year. He also goes by Commanderblackfire (Commiss.io) and dragonboy238 (Twitter). The pieces together totaled $130 dollars. I waited several months hoping for the pieces to be completed or at least worked on. The artist has gone dark and has not posted anything since December of last year on any of the accounts that I am aware of. They did not respond to my attempts to contact them via Twitter or Commiss.io. I am currently waiting for the Commiss.io staff to contact me back in regards of the refund due to the total noncompletion of the ordered projects. Below are my attempts to contact the artist via Commiss and Twitter, as well as proof of the projects and invoices from the Commiss.io site. Edit: 02.19.22
  2. I went to commission a 40 dollar flat art piece from TankDragon and I waited 7 months for them to get back to me or at least update me on the commission but they never responded to me and never showed me any artwork even started.
  3. I paid $105 for art back in january of 18 of this year using venmo. I will not attach the photo of that here unless required to due to some privacy issues that can happen but I will gladly share my text history with him on discord, the shout that was deleted on his profile, the note I left for him on FA and the proof that he blocked me. He refuses to message me back let alone give me my money back or the art I paid for. I am just hoping he gives me my money back and i will never talk with or about him again or I can find where he lives and bring his ass to court over this.
  4. TankDragon ran a Black Friday sale (Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34004858/ ) nearly 6 months ago, in which I bought for $35 (before PayPal fees) as advertised. It was an advertised post about comic-style fully shaded pictures for $35 or more. The following are the messages (in order too,, same day sent) I sent and he sent to confirm and get a slot for the art: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 [5 months later, I ask for a refund request, as he is active little to none at this point] I have not heard from him back from either FurAffinity or Twitter. Albiet I did not do much interaction on Twitter to actually talk to him, he has been very active on his Twitter feed just by visiting his account. Plus, I posted when he was most active around that time too, enough to notice the messages. PayPal receipt: I did not do much interaction or forcefully getting a WiP. I do not know how to do a chargeback, I've tried starting a dispute with PayPal because I have not technically gone past the 18- day mark, but there doesn't seem to be any options to do so other than an unauthorized payment (which is not the case). I might check with my bank, but this Covid-19 pandemic might just be that thing that prevents any actual refunds happening, unless you know, TankDragon coughs up his end of the deal. Even the slightest sketch compensation is something, but we may never know.
  5. TankDragon ran a YCH (Link here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30306472/ ) over a year ago, in which I won a slot for 85$. It was called his Final Winter YCH, or also his 6th YCH. The censoring in the following picture removes my name address, and monetary information. He also also charged the person who came in after the YCHs close for the same slot that he charged me for. Since this time, he has repeatedly said I would get a WIP soon as I checked in every few months. However, the friend who bid after close showed me he had gotten a WIP with him in my slot instead (far left predator slot). My character is not a dragon. I have not been able to get a WIP of the YCH from the artist, and believe he has now just ran off with the money as it is now well past Paypals 180 day return period. He does still respond, but it is always with the same line of: It will be soon. Now, at a loss for other options, I submit this beware so others may not lose money to this artist.
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