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  1. I got my art forcefully, guy seems to be active a bit and started posting art, but I dunno if they're recent commissions from a month ago or commissions from February 2019. All I know is, be wary.
  2. I sent PayPal a message because their phone lines are closed because of Covid-19 stuff. I messaged them in detail, so hopefully there is some light in the tunnel here.
  3. TankDragon ran a Black Friday sale (Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34004858/ ) nearly 6 months ago, in which I bought for $35 (before PayPal fees) as advertised. It was an advertised post about comic-style fully shaded pictures for $35 or more. The following are the messages (in order too,, same day sent) I sent and he sent to confirm and get a slot for the art: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 [5 months later, I ask for a refund request, as he is active little to none at this point] I have not heard from him back from either FurAffinity or Twitter. Albiet I did not do much interaction on Twitter to actually talk to him, he has been very active on his Twitter feed just by visiting his account. Plus, I posted when he was most active around that time too, enough to notice the messages. PayPal receipt: I did not do much interaction or forcefully getting a WiP. I do not know how to do a chargeback, I've tried starting a dispute with PayPal because I have not technically gone past the 18- day mark, but there doesn't seem to be any options to do so other than an unauthorized payment (which is not the case). I might check with my bank, but this Covid-19 pandemic might just be that thing that prevents any actual refunds happening, unless you know, TankDragon coughs up his end of the deal. Even the slightest sketch compensation is something, but we may never know.
  4. I can confirm as well. He owes me a Black Friday YCH from the end of November 2019. He has not responded to my refund request that I sent him earlier in March on FurAffinity. Will make an Artist Beware thing soon.
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