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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. PupJaxces/Marbleshark/Marblemephit messaged me on the 8th of February 2023 saying they like my character and offered a discounted full body commission for $45 (I even tipped them later). I accepted and paid, then patiently waited like I normally do with commissions. After several months of going back and forth and empty promises, them making up stories to get more money from me, and me trying to accommodate them not wanting to do nsfw commissions anymore, I found out from this site that I wasn't the first person they've scammed this way. That's when I realized they never intended on completing my commission and I asked for a refund, which they denied over and over again because they claimed it had already been started (I have yet to receive a single wip.) At this point I completely gave up and decided to go through with the chargeback process, but since it was way past PayPals chargeback cutoff they were unwilling to help me, so I gave up for a while. Since then I've gotten my banks help, and they were kind enough to put the funds back into my account since a chargeback would take even longer. TLDR: they have scammed me and several others on this site, do not commission them. I've included all our correspondence in this beware, including the artist acknowledging the payment, be warned it is nsfw in nature.
  2. All below messages are via twitter DMs. See attached screeshots. On Aug 11th 2022 I reached out to the artist who was then Marbleshark_AD on twitter, and now Pup_Jaxces after they did username change. After some discussion of content (skipped in the screenshots), we agreed to two NSFW sketches with alts totalling $140, paid on Aug 14th 2022 after some difficulty with initially paypal'ing the wrong address. I tip $15 at this step, for a total of $155. The agreement and payment is in the screenshots 4 months pass, w. no contact. December 10th 2022, I reached out again asking for an update since it had been awhile and I saw them posting about life struggles on twitter. No reply. 7 days pass w. no contact. December 16th, 2022, I reach out again asking for an update and giving reassurance in case they feared I was angry or annoyed. They reply saying theyve made progress on the comish, and ask for a better place to make contact citing a lack notifications from twitter DMs. I provide my Discord and telegram. They do not reply further. Jan 4th, 2023. I reach out to make contact, having not received any friend request on discord or message on telegram. Jan 24th, 2023, I reach out to make contact, having not received any friend request on discord or message on telegram. Feb 26th, 2023, I post a reply to an art piece on their telegram art gallery asking about my unfinished commission. They ask me there to message them on twitter, then delete the replies. I DM them on twitter asking them to contact me. I tell them I feel ghosted after 5 months, asking for the current state of the comish, and if none or minimal work has been completed I'd like a refund. They say they will need to look through their sketchbooks saying its 'most likely done'. This will be the last message I ever receive from them. July 31, 2023. I reach out to make contact after 5 months of wait, still having not received any further DM on twitter, nor friend request on discord or message on telegram. October 5, 2023. I reach out to make contact after seeing them post on twitter that theyre closing an account they host art on and that theyre discontinuing NSFW comishes, still having not received any further DM on twitter, nor friend request on discord or message on telegram. I ask again for a refund or for an update on their sketchbook search. After this I stop trying to contact them. However on Oct 25th 2023 I make my own artist beware style post on my twitter and @ their handle, which would generate a notification for them. On Nov 23 2023, I notice they've changed their handle to Pup_Jaxces. Having sought multiple times over a full year to resolve this either with delivery or refund, and sAs they have other posts here on ArtistBeware with the same behavior I can only presume this is not a mistake and they have no intent to deliver the commission.
  3. On the 3rd of July, MarbleShark_AD reached out to me, complimenting my OCs and offering me to commission them to help with their homeless situation. I was initially interested but I didn’t buy a commission until August 14th, where we did business then. We settled for $50 USD for (1) one shaded commission, which then we discussed about payment. They only accepted CashApp, which I had to make an account to even send the payment. I had an issue at first until I managed to get the QR code to work, and the payment was successful. Soon after, they offered another commission for $20 USD, and I accepted. After telling me happy birthday the day after, August 15th, I barely heard from them, until almost a whole month later, September 10th. In the early hours of the night, they messaged me stating they needed money to get an Uber after getting out of jail and into an unsafe area 12 miles away from their home, promising me they’d pay me back. They specifically asked for $35 USD, again through CashApp, and ultimately I obliged, feeling concerned for their current safety. I messaged them a few days after to get an update, but I didn’t get much of an answer, and they left me in the dark without a response until October 13th, where, again, they asked for more money. They wanted another $25 to get an Uber from the countryside to the hospital, again saying they would pay me back, but due to the tight budget I had this month, I couldn’t help them again. In addition, I also commented about the previous time they asked for money and how they’ve yet to pay me back like they said. Plus mentioning that I’ve yet to get any updates or word about the status of the commissions I paid for, stating that seeing an update would be greatly appreciated. In response, they simply said, “sorry for asking for help damn.” I waited a few more days and asked about the commissions, and soon sent a huge statement representing how I felt about the lack in communication and the negligence of any update to the commissions I paid for. I told them to not ignore my message, only to see that it was never seen, and yet when looking at their profile, they’re making general posts and offering much smaller priced headshot commissions. - provided is the screen cap for paying MarbleShark_AD, or on their CashApp, Tenae, a total of $105 USD; $70 USD total for the two commissions, plus the additional $35 for their Uber ride back home. - Additionally, I provide the chat log from Twitter/X involving me, and MarbleShark_AD.
  4. The original agreement was a commission for $35 involving two characters. This was for an emergency commission post they had made in August. I sent the payment to them through CashApp, that was their preference and they asked for payment in advance. Everything was confirmed and they had let me know that they would give me updates as the week goes by. This has not happened at all. I have not heard anything about my commission so I sent them a message on January 1, 2023. Throughout the entire month of January, I have not heard back even after bumping the message multiple times. Eventually, I request for a refund which has not happened and at this point, I don't think it will happen considering the lack of communication that has happened with my messages. They are active on Twitter and have been posting art and tweets throughout the month so it appears that they are ignoring these messages. Currently my refund request is pending on CashApp and there is not much I can do but hope that they refund me. Below is proof of payment and the refund request that ended up expiring eventually. Fortunately, I was able to recover the lost funds through my bank.
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