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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. Apr. 4th, 2012 at 6:30 PM wesfox WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/CHIMERASYNX WHAT: $160 digital commission WHEN: Jan 15th 2010 till now (April 2012) Details: I commissioned Chimerasynx on Jan 15th 2010, with the knowledge that it going to be a wait of up to a year. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/1.png http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/2.png In late 2010 they stated that they would start posting some of the commissions taken around the time I purchased mine around Thanksgiving/Christmas, of which none ended up being posted. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/a.png When asked they stated that they were delayed, but that mine wasn't among the bunch that would have been posted. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/3.png More waiting. At the 15 month mark, around April 16th I pinged them for an update again http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/b.png To which they replied that something "catastrophic" had happened, putting their art on hold. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/4.png I let them off the hook and continued to wait. In August 2011 I pinged them again, this time getting a different reason why there was nothing yet to show for me, and apparently anyone else. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/c.png http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/5.png On October 29th 2011 I PM'd them asking for an update, and stating that I'd either accept a refund, but would be fine waiting for the artwork but would need some sort of in-progress shot to prove that it was being worked on. More waiting, and eventually they responded with: http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/6.png The end of the year and their promised deadline of Dec 31st 2011 came and went, and I PM’d them again. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/d.png No response, so I PM’d them yet again. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/e.png A month later they finally got back to me about the missed deadlines and promised me something the next day or Monday of the next week. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/7.png More time passed, the promised material never arrived. Finally they told me that it would be one or two more days. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/8.png Nothing obviously was sent to me the next day or the next week, or at any point after that and now here I am. They haven't read my subsequent notes on FA, however they have read notes by others and refunded at least one other person who posted a public shout to them (Chimerasynx then deleted that shout, but the person thus refunded PM'd me to let me know what had happened with their attempt to get their money back). However Chimerasynx so far hasn’t read or replied to any of my notes asking for a refund from the same time period as that, so I'm frustrated beyond belief at this point. I then posted a public shout on their page, hoping to get them to respond. So far nothing. http://arcanofox.foxpaws.net/artistbeware/9.png I really don't care about the artwork at this point, but after being strung along for multiple years with no evidence that they've even touched the piece (despite claims to the contrary), I just want a refund and then consider the issue dropped. If anyone has additional contact info for them, which hopefully they read more often than FA notes, that would be appreciated. I really hate to have to assume the worst here, especially given their level of talent, and pending them getting back to me, I'll have to start looking at various options regarding fraud filings with my bank. The lack of response, the missed deadlines, failed promises and changing excuses need an explanation, and I need a refund. Edit: see the update posted lower in this thread, this issue may resolved / nearly resolved in a good way. :)
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