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  1. Hello all. This is a bit of a tale so apologies if I end up typing way too much. I will try to explain every detail that is pertinent and submit as much proof as I can along with it. Additionally, this commission was for a NSFW story. However, I have made sure not to include any details of said desired story in this post. I could have screencapped even more of our conversations but I am only including the pertinent ones for this report. To start with, I posted a SoFurry post in the Market looking for someone to create a story. Ayrrenth replied to this posting via message on SoFurry on August 3rd, 2017. After some discussion on the story details, we agreed on a price of $60 for a 7000 word story. The price was agreed upon on August 4th going into August 5th, 2017. I submitted my payment on PayPal according to my records on August 4th, 2017. (All private data has been blurred. If unedited screenshots are needed for proof, I can provide them.) What then followed was messages of me checking up once in a while and the author telling me that they were working on it. And then Irma happened. They said they had to evacuate and that their house was destroyed along with their computer. Of course, I empathized. I was patient and awaited a message from them once things were better. They said things were semi-normal and they were trying to complete commissions. They said they would have my story done by Friday. And then they just disappeared. No further communication. And then 9 months ago, I had finally kind of got to a place to stand up for myself. But that's a more personal thing I won't really get into here. I decided to reach out to this author on SoFurry and try to find out what happened to my story. I figured I wouldn't get a response so I ended up looking elsewhere for this person. There was someone on FurAffinity with a dragon that looked like them. So I reached out on September 9th, 2019 and, surprisingly, finally got an answer on August 24th, 2019. They offered a refund or to write the story. I stupidly continued on with wanting them to write the story. On September 11th, 2019, they said they had some of the intro done. This would be the last I heard from them. On September 26th, 2019, I reached out to check on the story and they left the message on read. I believe at that point, I decided to just give up and not bother reporting them and figured I'd take the loss. But recently, I kind of started to find my own voice and confidence. So here I am. Over 2 years later. Reporting someone I should have reported a long time ago. Tired of being walked all over and just letting people rip me off. Out of curiosity, I looked at their journals and found one that mentioned "previous bad customers". I am not sure if this author is referring to me or others, but I felt like I was pretty nice in my messages. Not to mention patient. Just wanted to throw that tidbit of irony out there. Anyway, I've reached out to this author on FurAffinity and SoFurry today to try to get a refund or my story. Based off my last message, I have a feeling it will be left on read and ignored. So here I am. Hope this helps someone else. Especially anyone that is trying to get a joint commission with them or any artist that they are currently trying to commission. Stay safe out there. (If any further screenshots are needed, I can provide them. Or if any of the screenshots need further censoring, that can be done as well.)
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