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  1. Author finally reached out July 24th, 2020 on FurAffinity and then promptly sent me my full refund. Uncertain what prompted the author to reach out finally but I have received my refund now. Just figured an update would be good to give.
  2. Hello all. This is a bit of a tale so apologies if I end up typing way too much. I will try to explain every detail that is pertinent and submit as much proof as I can along with it. Additionally, this commission was for a NSFW story. However, I have made sure not to include any details of said desired story in this post. I could have screencapped even more of our conversations but I am only including the pertinent ones for this report. To start with, I posted a SoFurry post in the Market looking for someone to create a story. Ayrrenth replied to this posting via message on SoFurry o
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