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Found 5 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/971057.html WHO: Vani / AshKetchumSays / stripesandteeth WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vani/ http://stripesandteeth.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/AshKetchumSays/ WHAT: $50 digital bust/ waist up commission WHEN: I commissioned them in 2010/2011 (I don't have screencaps and the commission Journal was deleted, so I'm not 100% sure about the year but it was during that time) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EDIT: I tried contacting them again today (08.10.2017) via Twitter and got a fast and professional response. They gave me an estimate when I will get a WIP and the finished badge. To be resolved. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EXPLAIN: Back then I was really happy so snag a slot, they posted pretty regularly on FA and I wasn't too worried about the long waitlist they had (sadly they deleted the Journal with the old list before I was able to get a screencap). I am a very patient commissioner and have waited up to 3 years for a commission to be finished so I did not contact them for a few years after the initial payment was sent via Paypal. Sadly I don't have a screenshot of said payment since I didn't think I'd need one. They never once contacted me about my commission and suddenly disappeared from FA, leaving a giant list of waiting commissioners behind. I knew no other way to contact them, so I waited and gave them the benefit of the doubt. At some point they returned, saying they were sorry and they would pick up the outstanding commissions but then they disappeared again. They had at least 2 people trying to manage their commissions as kind of a 'secretary' so far as far as I know but this also did not work out. 2 years ago they returned to FA again, asking for commissioners to contact them, so I did - here is the note I sent and their reply . I was hoping they'd work through their old list then but as far as I know not much progress has been made. They were inactive again for some time after that. In March this year I sent a mail to the mail address they left on their Journal, asking for a refund (I assumed it had been 4 years when it had been 6 to 7 years of a wait already). I never got a reply. They took (and keep taking) new commissions via Twitter and at cons, some of which have been completed and some that seem to have been added to their list. I've seen AB posts of their more recent commissions. They also do a lot of adopts and by now I don't think I'll ever see my money again. I don't recommend commissioning this artist. PROOF: their trello list(s) - https://trello.com/b/dU3cUcEA/vanis-full-commission-queue-updates screencap of their Trello with my name on it just to be sure - https://imgur.com/11H1aSW (edited for screencap censoring & link fixing)
  2. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/967113.html WHO: Vani/VanillaKitsune/Stripesandteeth/Ashketchumsays WHERE: https://twitter.com/AshKetchumSays http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vani (NSFW) WHAT: Digital sketch commission WHEN: Febuary 17th 2016 until present day Dropbox folder with screenshots from my communication with Vani. Images are numbered chronologically: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ovug6pf0uk2qr9k/AADhA-e5XgZqfCOnF8NbSX8Qa?dl=0 Proof of payment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pihp63yjo0g4a2o/Screenshot Paypal transaction.png?dl=0 My communication with Vani: I contacted Vani on February 14th 2016 according a sketch commission after they made a Twitter post announcing 5 open commission slots (screenshot 1) . We agreed upon a digital bust commission which I paid $46 for. I accidentally sent them payment in wrong currency at first (AUD) but they refunded me immediately so I could re-send them the correct amount. On February 21st, Vani confirmed that the payment was received (screenshot 2-4). On March 30th 2016 I contacted them again asking if there was any problems with my commission and they told me they would be working on commissions again the following week (screenshot 5) On August 5th 2016 I asked if there were any updates on my commission and their excuse was a sudden relocation to Florida. Again they stated that the first thing they would get to was their remaining commissions. (screenshot 6) On March 17th 2017 I asked for a refund. They promised to refund for my commission, but never did (screenshot 7) On July 24th they uploaded a commission to their Furaffinity page, mentioning that this was their last colored bust commission from last year's batch. I commented on this submission asking what happened to mine and they quickly responded to this, explaining that they would complete my commission soon. This proved to me that they did not have a structured commission queue at all, since I as many others seemed to have been completely forgotten (screenshot 8-9) Vani gets a secratary: On May 24th Vani posted a journal on Furaffnity stating that they had gotten a secretary who would help them organize their commission queue, reach out to waiting commissioners and update with a new journal before June 15th. This is the last journal Vani has posted up until today(16/08/2017) and I never received a message from this secretary. Yet again I was left in the dark and according to the comment section, I did not seem to be the only one. Link to journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8241229/ Screenshot of journal: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yshphpggrhxw605/Screenshot secretary journal.png?dl=0 I honestly have no faith that I will ever receive this commission or get a refund. Even if I do, I would not recommend commissioning this artist. They always responded to my messages, but their response was repetitive empty promises. Thank you for helping me correct any spelling/grammar mistakes! EDIT 11/03/2017 In short: Vani refunds me after I Tweet about them (without publicly mentioning their name) about their bad work ethic. Full story: Today I received a Twitter DM from a person who claimed to be Vani's manager. They informed me that Vani was about to refund me for the commission, and honestly I was kind of baffled, I knew that I wasn't on the refund list, and I asked for a refund back in March 2016. I'm censoring their name, but here's the DMs: https://puu.sh/ye2jn/327db3b95d.png I did receive the refund from Vani in form of a gift transaction, and Vani wrote this in the transaction description: https://puu.sh/ye2nK/5f3b8a605d.png. I decided that it's only fair from me to remove these Tweets as the situation as has been resolved, but here is a screenshot of them anyway: (includes cussing) https://puu.sh/ye272/bbfa597c41.png. The deadline commissions I was referring to was two reference auction commissions Vani was holding on Furaffinity, one in which has a deadline for October and one for November. Side note: Vani said that I paid $46 for this commission, which is false. They asked for $46 for this commission, but I paid $50. Not very important, but I would like to include it anyway. Anyway, even though I am pleased that I finally got my refund (that I was promised in March mind you), I am very disappointed to see that showing displeasure in form of some salty Tweets was the only way to resolve this issue.
  3. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/945938.html WHO: Vani / AshkechumSays / Stripesandteeth. Previously: Vanimute, VanillaKitsune WHERE: Twitter, we spoke briefly at MFF. WHAT: $150 MFF pick-up badge WHEN: Payment was sent on the 11th of November, - now, March 3rd. PROOF: All commission interactions : http://imgur.com/a/7VZlW Payment proof : http://imgur.com/a/LLcVd EXPLAIN: I commissioned Vani/Ash in early November for a badge that was supposed to be completed for MFF 2016 pick up . I was very excited to commission this artist, and sent the $155 (USD) right away. Once payment was made I was promised a WIP within the next few days (Proof of payment recieved, and saying I would recieve a wip shortly. http://imgur.com/YVrFzi9), I did not recieve a wip until the end of the month, after asking them for an update. (the 30th of November) After recieving a wip, I approved the sketch. I didn't hear anything up until the convention (even tho i send muitple DMs at the con) and actually approached her table. At their table they had nothing to show me (did not see the original sketch, or anything), and said they would be working on it that night, and it would most likely be done the next day. (Sunday) I did not hear anything from them until they was leaving the con. (Messages sent at the con, and afterwards. http://imgur.com/a/eQDqm) After the con I did not recieve any WIPs, or anything past the sketch point. We agreed to change the character on the 19th of December (character change, http://imgur.com/a/OAvZj) . I did not hear anything from them at all after this. I DMed them on twitter mutiple times from the 16th-22nd of Februrary and didn't hear anything back until threatening to file a charge back. They replied, with a several paragraph explaination of the things going on in their life, but no actual update on when the art would be finished, or what state badge was in. To this I responded that I would just like my money back, and would be going forward with a charge back. They asked that I wait a week for them to refund me, and that they would be posting adopts to make the money to refund me. Durring this week they did not post anything on their account (besides an astrology bot.). I also did not hear anything from them, or any sort of update on what they were doing. I proceeded with filing a paypal claim, and I'm just waiting to hear back for paypal. (contact with vani from the 16th - march 2nd, http://imgur.com/a/3sFAM ) I cannot reccomend this artist to anyone. unfortunately they are not very reliable and they does not stick to their word, or communicate with her customers. I am very disapointed, and while their work is gorgeous, please be warry of commissioning this artist. I wish I had seen their other bewares before commissioning them.
  4. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/939896.html Who: Vani / VanillaKitsune / @ashketchumsays / stripesandteeth Where: Twitter When: Commissioned them June 15th, 2016 I commissioned Vani on their Twitter back in June when they were taking a lot of sketch commissions there. I bought two sketches and received initial passes pretty quickly, but since then it’s been very difficult to get in contact with them much less get an update. Break down of events and screen caps below cut. All screen caps are in the Dropbox folder below, and are numbered to be chronological, except for the proof of payment which is the first document. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gnsxt1by8i2dmvk/AAAON_cgjDhnjltT0I8dFCHma?dl=0 June: -6/15/16: I DMed Vani on Twitter like their post said to do, and gave them references and paid promptly. I paid for two 11x14 sketch with shipping, but was later asked to pay for shipping again. -6/26/16: I received preliminary sketches that were very rough and I approved them. I was excited to see progress so soon and was told they’d be finished promptly. -6/29/16: A few days later I received a long DM from Vani saying that they would be attending AX and couldn’t finish the sketches before then. As an artist that sells at cons, I understood and told them not to worry. Afterwards I didn’t hear anything until August. August: -8/14/16: I DMed Vani to check in and ask how the sketches were going and again received a long DM, explaining that things were rough but on an upswing. I trusted they’d work on commissions when they were able and left them to it until November when I saw they were going to MFF. November: -11/28/16: I DMed Vani again after I saw they were going to MFF and tabling there as well. I asked if I could pick up my sketches at the con and they said they would have them ready for me. I ended up not being able to get away from my table the entire weekend and messaged them when I got home. December: -12/5/16: I DMed Vani again apologizing that I couldn’t get to their table to pick up my sketches. At this point, I have not seen the finished sketches and have no reason to believe that the sketches have actually been completed and would have even been available for pickup. Vani tells me they can mail my sketches, and asked me to send $6. I promptly paid, completely forgetting that I had already paid for shipping initially. -12/30/16: Vani posts a 10 page google document explaining their year and the struggles they’ve been through. I read the whole thing, and only gathered that they were stressed from taking too many commissions in between moving a lot and having financial struggles. They clearly state that they can’t deal with the stress of being contacted by customers, which admittedly upset me. January: -1/7/17: At this point unaware of their post, I DM Vani one last time asking if they had mailed the sketches. I didn’t receive a response, so I publicly tweeted at them. -1/11/17: I tweeted asking if they had shipped the sketches, received a reply from a random third party directing me to the 10 page manifesto. After reading the whole thing I e-mailed Vani like they requested and tried to pick up where we left off on Twitter. -1/25/17: No response to my e-mail, so I send another asking if they had received it. At this point I am not expecting a reply. Speaking as an artist, I have been through similar situations that Vani has gone through. I’ve been in very tight spots financially and been forced to move and scramble to find housing. I honestly don’t mind waiting for artwork so long as the artist is able to clearly communicate delays and issues just as I would with my customers. Vani very clearly can’t handle custom work but continues to take more and put themselves into this situation. They are now putting the blame of their anxieties and shortcomings on their customers who are simply asking when they can expect their artwork. I’m incredibly disappointed and honestly even if I were to receive a refund or the finished artwork I couldn’t in good conscience recommend anyone work with Vani.
  5. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/925839.html EDIT 11/2/2016: Received both sketches in the mail this past Monday as well as one of the WIPs that was not chosen to be completed. With a lot of poking and prodding, I can happily say this entry is now resolved. EDIT 10/22/2016: Received the second sketch this week! They actually ended up redoing the WIP of the second, doing two different versions which was super cool http://sta.sh/01937bqah6te http://sta.sh/0t3usskymsy (and will be getting the wips sent to me along with the finished sketches). So here's the finished product! http://sta.sh/0vujuwdnoqh It turned out absolutely fantastic, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the result. I was also told that the sketches would be shipped out sometime this week. Waking up today, I got notified that both sketches and all the WIPs have been shipped and was provided with a tracking number. Once I post another update receiving the sketches, I'll ask for this post to be marked as resolved. - EDIT 10/7/2016: I'm assuming the artist knew about the dispute automatically closing on the 4th if it was not issued to a claim. So in spite of that, they did complete one sketch on Monday ( http://sta.sh/017w66edr8e2 ). I have to say, it turned out really beautiful, and makes me super pumped to see how the next one turns out too. They added a bit of extra detail to it too, to make up for all this trouble, which was nice, although since then I have not heard anything back about the second one. Not only that but I only received a photo of the sketch..no high res scan (though I wasnt expecting one as I did pay for the physical copies to be mailed to me as well). I don't know..I'll send another message asking for an update this weekend..but I'm really hoping they don't decide to just..ditch now, considering the dispute is now closed and I can never reopen it again if I don't receive the second sketch or the physical copies of both. We'll see...but I'll continue to keep you all posted. - EDIT 9/14/2016: Issued a dispute over PayPal. Artist immediately contacted me via Twitter and has agreed upon a completion date, that being towards the end of the month. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/if8mxpaqzt3horm/Screen%20Shot%202016-09-14%20at%206.47.48%20PM.png?dl=0 ) If I do not receive an update, refund, or the artwork itself, I will be getting PayPal involved by filing a claim. - EDIT 9/12/2016: Added some examples of what the finished sketches SHOULD look like to dropbox! WHO: Vani / AshKetchumSays WHERE: Twitter WHAT: Traditional Portrat Sketches ($86.50USD Total) WHEN: Initial Conversation: Began June 4th 2016 Payment Agreed Upon & Sent: June 14th 2016 Received first pass/WIP of commission: June 25th 2016 Signs of Trouble Began: July 21st 2016 PROOF: All messages are through twitter, stamped with appropriate dates, PayPal info as well-> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oeaqa7f60h04n7k/AAAwREd1IFwb0rshXCNV3uPEa?dl=0 What my finished commission SHOULD look like -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/yypupu1d604gljn/Ck7aZUzUUAE2odg.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/084xnnkgzv0optk/CkH1H4HUUAEEWTv.jpg?dl=0 Explain: First of all, I am an artist myself who does freelancing, and normally I wouldn't make reports on other artists as I am a very reasonable person when commissioning other artists as I understand how stressful the process can be and how long it can take. But anyway! Always been a fan of Vani's work, and seeing that they were offering sketches for a good price got me super excited to finally order something featuring my characters. June: Communication started off really well! I knew they were taking a lot of commissions, so I honestly wasn't worried about how long they'd take, as I am a very patient person. An agreement for the final paymet was made, and commission progress began. Within a couple weeks, I received WIPs. They DEFINITELY didn't seem as good as her previous sketched portraits she was doing..I could tell they were likely feeling burnt out, but I didn't bother judging too hard as they are just WIPs. Still looking forward to the final pieces. July: Towards the end of June she gave me a good long update about how they'll be busy prepping to sell at a convention, therefore making a delay on the sketches. Completely fine with that, as I had seen the roughs so I knew they'd get done in no time..or so I thought. Sent in an update of a reference for one of my characters...no response whatsoever, even though they were/are on twitter quite frequently. If you check their twitter account, this was also around the time their troubles rose and they began taking on more commissions, creating adoptables and selling them, trying to earn more money and moving old commissions, including mine, back in their queue. August: Tried contacting them again for an update. Finally got a response; a lengthy one at that, which I honestly don't care about. I just want to know a time estimate for completion. This was when their housing troubles and whatever else were brought to me personally, though I already sort of knew about based on their twitter posts. I come back rather short, as my frustration began kicking in, knowing they clearly have time to work on my commissions, but is yet, focusing on others, new orders at that, in order to make quick money. I bring up the option of a refund (partial, considering they did have WIPs completed), because at this point I'm doubting itll ever get done and I'd rather give my money to an artist more reliable and professional, despite how talented Vani is. No means for refund at given time, so we agree that the following week she'll have them done, and once again, I remain patient with them. September: At this point I'm just fed up and frustrated. Way past the date we agreed for completion, so I ask for a refund. Comes back saying they're completely unable to, yet, oh look! In one of the screenshots I provide, they just received money from a recent auction, but yet, still can't refund me my portion of payment for the pieces I commissioned from them (no idea how much the Auto Buy went for in the auction, clearly a lot more then the previous bid though). At this point I stop replying. I'm not getting my money back, my art will not be completed. If it's done, it'll be a miracle, but for now, I HIGHLY recommend NOT commissioning this artist until they smarten up, sorts out their financial situations and develop a better professional attitude when doing business with clients such as myself. I've spoke with other friends who have commissioned them and they're also waiting on art from them (though at a much longer wait period than myself) and they're equally frustrated. I'm just completely disappointed in this whole situation, and definitely don't want others going through this with her as well. I'm fine waiting long periods of time for art, but when I see her posting more art, adoptables, commissioning openings, etc, its like a big slap in the face to those still waiting on art from them.
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