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Found 2 results

  1. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/794623.html My experience with AMWULF: A lack of communication on several commissions and zero updates on said pieces. Worst of all, even the artist forgetting I had commissioned them altogether. Most details about the commission agreements were exchanged verbally and in-person because this artist was living with us as a roommate. However, I do have screenshots of the monetary transactions that took place, detailed emails sent to the artist showing the date, and notes from other third-parties that had paid AMWULF to join me in group-commissions. I recently contacted AMWULF on September 16, 2014 to request a full refund on all pieces owed. I received a series of angry text messages and excuses as well as no concrete dates or payment plans except, and I quote, "will pay it back in chunks”. Overall, his behavior can be summed up as unprofessional, condescending, and immature. The following is a sample of screenshots showing my unfortunate interactions with AMWULF, starting with a typical text conversation, filled with his usual unprofessional, vulgar attitude: ----- WHO: He goes by the name AMWULF on Fur Affinity ----- WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/amwulf/ ----- WHAT: The commission that is the longest overdue was that of a Your-Character-Here featuring my horse character with the bid-winner’s character, which belonged to Maho-Gato (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maho-gato). The total cost, split between Maho-Gato and myself, was to be fully paid to AMWULF, and I was to include a full backstory for the piece’s description. This all took place on November 23rd, 2012, when I had a verbal agreement with AMWULF. Maho-Gato was satisfied with AMWULF being the artist, but expressed he was very upset over AMWULF'S lack of communication and excuses. I can personally verify AMWULF expressed agitation with Maho's concerns even months after the initial auction closed and funds had been sent to AMWULF's Paypal. Here are the screenshots of me contacting Maho with AMWULF agreeing to taking on our commission: Maho and I eventually requested a refund from AMWULF, which has still not been granted, nor has AMWULF given a time frame for when we can expect to be paid back. On the second commission, I had requested a multi-character picture from AMWULF with a total cost of $80.00 USD, with other characters being added at no additional cost. Due to the length of time that has passed, I cannot pull up the bank or transaction record. However, I do have the date I sent AMWULF the details being May 1st 2013. This piece has not been done and I have received no sketch or updates from him whatsoever. Here is the email and date for verification: On the third commission, I ordered a two character piece by AMWULF of my Husband's fursona and myself totaling $120.00 USD. I was told verbally that, due to bills, AMWULF needed emergency commissions and said he would finish the piece that same day. This was supposed to be a surprise picture for my Husbands new character. All I saw was an unfinished sketch and that was nearly six months ago. Here is the paypal transaction verification image: And here is the detailed email description I sent him on January 21st 2014: ----- WHEN: The first piece was started on November 23rd 2012. Signs of trouble appeared several months after when Maho approached me several times regarding the piece. The second piece was started on May 1st, 2014. Signs of trouble again several months later. Multiple assurances the piece would be done with no progress. The third piece was started on January 21st 2014. Signs of trouble began a week later at no mention or update of art in question. ----- PROOF: Various screenshots listed above. ----- EXPLAIN: AMWULF avoids any talk of art that is owed by him. It creates an air of hostility due to his immense backlog spanning over two years and multiple group and single pieces owed in the hundreds and thousands of dollars to multiple furs who have waited patiently throughout these lengths of time for a product that has yet to manifest itself. I have come to the conclusion that I will not see any art or even a refund in a timely manner. AM's lack of professionalism in dealing with people he owes art, including even personal friends, is unprofessional and the excuses he gives when dealing with other people’s money is poor and unsatisfactory. I would advise any person seeking art by an artist to look elsewhere lest they find themselves in a similar situation. [From the Comments] valmirdraftstud [OP] Jan. 21st, 2015 08:17 pm (UTC) Regarding Refunds Here is the status and history of refunds Amwulf has paid. The amount totals 500 USD which is the total amount owed. The total time for repayment took over 4 months. Oct 15th Amwulf repaid 250 USD. Nov 24 Amwulf repaid 100 USD. Jan 21 Amwulf repaid a final payment of 150 USD AB posted September 20th 2014. So it took a total of 5 months and 1 day from this AB's posting to receive a full and complete repayment.
  2. Aug. 24th, 2012 at 9:17 AM katsunebear My experience with AMWULF. Lacking the ability to communicate and the extended wait of time of this process has lead me to post here. Over 9 months and still no date of when the commission will be finished or even started. Screen shots and detaild description below. This was paid in full prior to the realization of any issues. WHO: He goes by the name AMWULF on Fur Affinity WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/amwulf/ WHAT: My self and a friend paid upfront $55 USD for a digital adult commission over 9 months ago, with minimal updates we have yet to see a sketch, a WIP, or any news relevant to our commission. Both my friend and I have confronted AMWULF several times and we get the same response. Something about how his personal life is in the way, and he has a huge list he needs to complete. While in the mean time making the excuse that he needs to take on more work to live. Since then he has completed several dozens of commissions, con badges, con specific art, and group pictures. We would have requested our money back through paypal but at the time were unaware that after a certain period of time you can not ask for a refund through paypal. And for that same reason I was unable to get pictures of the accepted payment on paypal but I do have it in his own writing that he received the payment. The first two screen shots are my outbox and inbox of the times we have communicated. The rest are the messages between us both we an explanation of what is going on. This was the first inquriy about the commission with details and questions about payment. I asked if my friend and I could pay seperatly however he requested to be paid in full due to him being 'cheated' before. So I oblige and send my friend the money, he then sends the payment to amwulf and I verify that he eventually recives it. Due to a mistake of typing in the wrong email address the first time we correct the mistake, AMWULF then verifys payment recieved. At this point you can see a week went by to verify payment. No biggie just glad that went smoothly. Below 2 months have passed and I ask about the status. 2 months I feel is not an unreasonable amount of time to wait. I got a response a day later, him telling me his personal life is getting in the way. I think to myself "okay, fine I'll wait a little longer, im sure it will be worth it any who." Another 2 months pass, it's late april, I decide to politly ask again the status, I get the same response pretty much. At this point I am frustated but decide to give it even more time. With in this time he completes several other comissions, which he claims were before us, then con badges and art, and now his current flare for orgy pictures. I wait another month and then inquire about a refund, and possibly going to paypal. He pleads that it will be done soon and apologies for the wait. The conclusion is that he will continue making excuses that life gets in the way, we all have busy lives and it sure as heck seems he has the time to do other work. I am not sure of who else has had this problem with him, to this day no futher communication has been made. It's to the point where I am lakcing the care to pursue it, figuring my friend and I lost the money we gave him. This is the only course of action I can take short of going to him again to be shot down with another 'my life is busy' excuse. I would like to warn other people about AMWUL and I seriously advise to avoid his lack of professionalism. Thanks for your time and I hope this does some good.
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