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  1. -I understand this now. -It’s not that I wasn’t comfortable: I didn’t mind if it was just simple nudity, it just depends and I raise my prices on that. -It never went through.
  2. Okay so, I’m not entirely sure this warrants a beware so that’s why I put this under Caution. This may be a potential scam, reason why I say “may” is because the reasons that popped up didn’t seem 100% BS. Basically, FoiFouu lied about sending me 70$ for a reference sheet they tried to commission off me. They repeatedly tried to send me signs that it was really being sent and maybe trying to guilt me into doing it for free, but I specifically told them that I would not be starting it until payment was verified (thus me getting an annoyed response back) I offered to refund them the hundreds of dollars they supposedly sent me tons of times, if they’d show me proof that they did pay it. Sadly they quietly refused to send me any proof. A day later and I contact them again letting them know that payment has still not been received and proof of payment would be appreciated (At this point I sort of believed they actually sent money and was offering to start on it if they would just send me proof that it was paid for.) I got no response and I contacted the server mods I encountered “FoiFouu” in. They asked me to forward proof and once I did, they told me they would investigate further about the situation. 2 days passed and no reply from the Mod Mail Bot so I bumped the thread. A few hours I get a response telling me that they have reviewed the content and have contacted “FoiFouu” about the situation and that if they don’t reply there would be consequences. Thus “FoiFouu” did not reply resulting in them getting banned and getting labeled as potentially scamming members(As shown in picture). I have included FoiFouu’s discord username below just in case anyone encounters someone similar and is not sure if they’re FoiFouu or not. Please be cautious of this person!! (Apologies if some of this doesn’t make sense, it’s early in the morning for me. I’ll be happy to clear up some misunderstandings!)
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