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  1. It appears that BluHuny did not reply to the credit card issuer's dispute notification within the 45 day time limit. I will wait another billing cycle to confirm but it is likely that the $150 badge price has been charged back to the artist.
  2. As this commission was paid by credit card at BLFC and not through PayPal I've opened a dispute with my credit card issuer. BluHuny has 45 days to respond and clear the dispute or I will have my money back.
  3. I was at PAWCon and asked the artist about my badge. He said he was very slowly working through his backlog. According to what he said there are a lot more badges in the queue after mine. Not wanting to make a scene in a crowded dealer's room I did not press the matter in person. He was not taking badge commissions at the con, just some quick sketches. There was a note at his table that he'd be opening for commissions after finals.
  4. Based on a prior satisfactory experience I commissioned BluHuny for a half-body name badge at BLFC in May, 2019. The commission was fully paid, $150, by credit card at the con. The commission was accepted and acknowledgement sent. I was #41 in the BLFC queue. BluHuny still had a considerable backlog of commissions from GSFC and did not start BLFC commissions until August 17. BluHuny promised to complete all BLFC commissions in 4 weeks. I sent in a ref sheet for my badge. BluHuny took a break of several days in early September to begin school. By this point 14 completed BLFC commissions had been posted on his telegram channel. However, updates to the channel, other than two posts promising to get back to work on art, ceased. There has been no communication from the artist and his FA is inactive. His personal telegram states not to contact him regarding commissions. I have no way to ascertain whether the commission will ever be completed. Telegram posts and detail line from my credit card statement attached.
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