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  1. This event has been resolved 9/30/19 I have received my refund. This refund was from Riajoi and through no help of paypal at all. I was completely unable to contact them during this entire event even through mashing 0 or even saying keywords into the phone. Riajoi took out a small loan in order to get the refund through. In all honestly I thought I was being lied to but it turns out they were being truthful. I commend them for being truthful and making sure I got my refund. If mods want screenshots of the conversation that happened before this outcome I will happily attach it.
  2. Paypal has been called, I only get robots that tell me to try and figure it out on the website (new disputes can't be opened). I have also used their email feature and it forces me into a loop of "Here is some info from our site! If this isn't helpful please reply to us!" reply leads to the same email again.
  3. Artist riajoi took my commission (worth 250USD). The agreement was some art of a character. Received updates until a few months ago when my (Discord) messages went unreplied for over 2 months. Noted their account requesting a refund and filed a paypal dispute, received a reply about a week later accepting a full refund and they replied to the dispute allowing the refund. Dispute closes, refund bounces and is cancelled. Unable to get money or open new dispute. Filling out small claims court dispute now.
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