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  1. I was under the impression it was 20 days to take action, ok that makes me feel a lot safer in this transaction now 😛
  2. I was wondering what to do just because I know paypal has a 20-day window is all. This is my first time really being in a situation where I don't want to pay for or accept art in its current status, or anything like this, I just want to protect myself. I've never had to do a claim or anything, this is all new to me, sorry. The suit was already shipped by the time I levied the complaints to the artist. The artist has gotten back to me and apologized for the issue, saying they attempted a new style they have little experience with. Personally, I think it's because it was rushed for some quick cash - the head went from funds transferred to completed and delivered in under a week, which is unheard of. Before this the shortest wait I've ever had on a fursuit head was 2 months. I'm pretty sure the issue is a poor, rushed head carve. The artist has said I can send it back to be fixed. The artist says that replacing the eyes should make it not look so... Uncanny valley and unprofessional. I own 4 fursuits (and a total of 6 heads :v) so I think I know enough about them to know if it'll be something that can be fixed with new eyes, fur, etc. or if it'd need a new base, and thus redoing entirely. If I think it can be repaired and brought to the artists previous standards then I'll go ahead with that. I still want the head and from this artist, they're usually really good, so I'll happily wait for it to be done properly. If I think it's a base issue like I suspect and not something that can be fixed by changing fixtures, then I'm not sure what to do. I don't really want to demand starting a project over, I know that's a lot of time and effort. I think it'd be easier on both of us in that case just to send it back on my dime and refund and be done with this mess, and they can sell it off as a premade.
  3. I've gotten in contact with the artist and they have said I can ship it back and they'll try to fix it. The main issue is the eyes/brow shape and position, but other things like the hair and ears are also poor and off model; I'm not a expert on making fursuits (which is why I comm :v) but I'm struggling to think of a reality where this could actually be -repaired-. Is it kosher to start the dispute now to get that process going just in case and to withhold the funds? I'm kind of worried that they'll be unwilling/unable to repair it now that they have my funds and will just dump it in the perpetual "to do" pile.
  4. Not mentioning the artists name or posting pictures just yet since they still have time to correct. I'm just seeking advice right now. Story; fursuit creator I like a lot on twitter opened up for a head commission. I jumped on the opportunity and sent them the reference for a character I've wanting to have made in to a suit for a while. Today I receive photographs of the suit head and it's honestly terrible. It's far below the quality of their previous works. It looks completely different to even previous heads of the same species they've made. I have voiced my concerns to them that this is FAR below my expectations based on their previous work. So far I have contacted 6 different artists I regularly deal with, one of which has made me a fursuit in the past, about this issue; they all agree when comparing the head I comm'd and their previous work that the quality disparity is BIG and all have urged me to start a paypal dispute today. I mostly did this because I've never had an issue commissioning work before and was unsure if i'm being an asshole or something and needed a bit of reassurance. Should I dispute? Would paypal even care about a dispute over the quality of a custom made item compared to their previous work? Like, the head is technically done, and promptly at that, it's just awful. Should I offer an option to fix/redo the head to their previous standards, or go straight for full refund? I don't believe it has been shipped yet, it's still within paypals 20 days.
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