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  1. What/beware type: disappearing abandoning with debts still owed, theft, leaving when they owe $670 usd Details: March 2018 I commissioned a sketch book commission from valleyhearts, February 2019 came and I asked about it and we agreed on a refund, it’s September and he has deactivated all his social accounts (furaffinity and toy house are still open but I m going to say they’re inactive) I messaged him on TH but haven’t gotten a reply Emailed but haven’t gotten a reply Done business before and hold out his part on art, but his abandoned online for now, with debts owing Can’t do anything with paypal cause it’s over 180 days (tried) Since I’m not able to do anything else (I’ve been recommend to do a small court claim but I don’t know how) so beware is really only thing I think I can do Proof (deviant art with proof of purchase and me sending $670) Instagram (the agreed refund) I don’t know why he said $600 when it was $670? his deactivated accounts PayPal (payment sent)
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