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  1. Update: After ignoring me for a further 2 months, so 5 months total, I finally get a note with only a google drive link. Providing me with the finished image, with 2 making errors and no evident sign that he edited the sketch to fix the "angry eyebrow" which i brought up in the notes so long ago however, thankfully the awkward fingers had been fixed. He promptly fixed the 2 marking errors (adding in the facial stripes and eye colour) and yet again sent only a link. No sign of an apology for the wait or ignoring me. I am certain the only reason I got a response is due to the countless shouts I had posted on his FA page. I would warn people off commissioning the artist, at all, but especially more than once. As the more commissions you get, the more they seem to think ignoring your clients is appropriate. Overall, generally dissatisfied as the once great first impression which was made and brought me back to commission him again was just a farce. For the quality of work he makes, it is disappointing that neglects his clients so much.
  2. So I commissioned Alzeaker a few weeks ago before this happened. His customer service was great, and had a quick turn around. I got two cheap ($10 each) sketches for my characters which turned out great. I found out he would be opening again, so the next time he opened (15/03/2019) I grabbed a slot as a gift for my partner. I paid as usual and let him know. Sent over all the commission details, pose, character reference. Everything going well. Proof of payment: After about 10 days I get a sketch. Sketch: I asked if he could relax the brow and in fix the hands a bit, he said he would. That was 3 months ago. Since then I've tried contacting him 3 times on FA via notes, And twice on his page via a shout. I've also tried contacting him over telegram , Facebook and Twitter, neither of the texts have been viewed. I don't really expect this commission to be completed due to him removing all details from his FA and replacing it with this: In addition to this there is a post Facebook with someone calling Alzeaker out for lack of completed work (Can easily be found by typing Alzeaker into facebook) On top of all this he has been active and posting art on his Facebook, You can find his Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/alzeaker/?ref=br_rs as well as his other account here: https://www.facebook.com/caffeinedblackwolf However, this is personal art. Not commission art which he appears to have a back log of. At this point I don't think my commission will be finished seen as his customer service is limited, and just want to warn people by posting this to show his lack of professionalism (As I am aware there is another post regarding his lack of commission completion on Artist beware).
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