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  1. I regularly buy online purchases and I lose about 5% of them. But it's moreso that I cannot afford to replace them, and I actually cannot afford to ship out of the country. CanadaPost is ridic with is pricing, and even though its a tax write off, I just dont want to deal with it.

    But yes, I'd make sure it was stated in multiple places I am ONLY doing pick up, and confirm via note with the transaction that Im only offering pick up. No shipping. Being upfront makes all the difference; I just dont want it to turn sour.

  2. Im interested in doing con pic up traditional art.badges, but I ABSOLUTELY can NOT ship out final products if people do not pick them up. Im willing to scan and provide digital copies, but I am not in a place I can ship things because I absolutely cannot deal with lost packages, and I know if you lose a package you automatically lose favour in a paypal case.


    Is there any way I can offer con pic ups, but cover myself in case anyone misses their pick up and wants me to ship out?

  3. Im pretty sure she has an alt account on FA under the name Thunder Equis, or something like that. Focusing mainly on feral horse NSFW stuff, but I cant seem to find it, and I closed the account ages ago that I followed it under. She also goes by Mother Shep too.

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