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  1. I ordered and received my fursuit at the start of this year. I have not been able to wear it much, (about 4h total) due to the heat and health issues, thus I did not notice the issues until now. I have reached out to the maker but have not received any response. My suit is supposed to be white. I have received parts in 3 different furs. 2in hq white shag, 2in hq yellow-white shag, and an extremely long, ratty looking white fur.

    The two handpaws are different furs (one is the extra long bad fur, one is hq 2in shag, both white)
    The indoor feet are not the same fur, or color, as the rest of the parts (yellow-white, 2in shag) The outdoor feet are the white extra long bad fur.
    Ive been told by multiple other makers its muppet fur (another mentioned it may be mongolian fur, or 4in fur), which has been causing issues with the zipper, and the suits overall look (looks extremely ratty, cannot be brushed or washed out)

    Due to not noticing these issues right away, am I out of luck? I know its partially my fault for being unable to properly test it out (was in the hospital, was unable to suit). Should I consider it a loss?
    I cannot post to fursuitreviews because while Ive owned the suit for months, I do not meet the 30 hour + wear time. And while the suits overall construction is amazing, the fur is awful quality, and the parts do not match. I do not think I will ever hit the 30 hour wear time.  The suit has also been seen by multiple other makers, and they have confirmed they are different furs, and the extra long lq fur should not have been used for a fursuit.

  2. Found out recently that a well known pedophile in the community has commissioned me after multiple people came forward with proof. Artwork was completed much much earlier, in the previous year. I do NOT want my art associated with them. What rights do I have to revoking upload usage? I know I own all copyrights, and can legally DMCA, but what backlash will I face by doing so (morally) and is it even worth it?
    What can I do so that my art is not associated with them/the acts in the future? The user in question commissioned me and said the character was over 18, so I did NOT draw underage artwork, but the character in question is drawn as a minor quite often. Same exact design.

  3. 8 hours ago, rikki said:

    Take language fluency out of the equation and make it about a general difficulty in communication hindering the process.

    If you cannot properly communicate with a client, be it due to a language barrier or their refusal to adhere to your terms, then you reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund accordingly.

    Rewording it can distance yourself from the misinterpretation of it being a race-related matter, of which it is not, but as someone who is ESL, I can see how it might be interpreted that way.

    The buyer didnt say it was racist, its other people commenting on it! Sorry it wasnt clear.

  4. My TOS states you much be fluent enough in English to read and understand my TOS, buyer says the read it and understood it, but theyve been extremely rude, excessive communication errors and stuff. I canceled the commission and attempted to fully refund the customer half way through because of their attitude.
    Theyve insisted it was an accident. They are apologizing and have asked me to continue under my control*

    I had issues in the past and had to make sure there was a rule to communicate, but it clearly doesnt work in a situation where they know enough English to read my terms, and tell me they did so, and reference it, but they clearly dont understand as they kept asking me to mimic their chibi art style. (My TOS states I will not draw in other artists/official art styles)
    Ive been told I cant write 'english speaking customers only' because its racist, no matter what wording I use. I have also been told my 'fluent enough to understand my TOS' is also considered racist.

    My questions are;

    How can I protect myself in these types of situations? Is there a way I can reword my rule to not be offensive/racist?
    How can I blacklist this buyer without coming off rude? (whether I refund them or not, I do not want to work with them again) If it was an accident, its not their fault, but these comments were extremely rude.

    (* I am unsure if I am allowed to post the comments/situation info due to 'identifying info')

    EDIT; I forgot to include the actual TOS line.
    "You the commissioner must be fluent in English to the degree that you can understand my terms of service as the provisions listed are binding and necessary to the transaction process."

  5. As someone who spent a lot of 2020 in the ER, I absolutely understand them NOT messaging you. Its drains you beyond understanding, and I can barely even keep in contact with my husband. But, my husband and partner can be reached for refunds, and its been quite a while, especially if they are active elsewhere too. I would contact for a refund. Do not feel bad about asking for one either, it is 100% within your rights, even if the maker will be upset. You may need to file a chargeback.

    Normally, Id say it hasnt really been long enough because as stated above, communication isnt needed for suits until its your turn. I would be worried myself if they didnt reply to the full payment. But, due to the unread notes + mobility issues, they may be unable to physically work on suits any longer, and may be too scared to face the notes. They could still be in recovery, and just havent been able to get online. Medical issues can really throw someone out of whack, but artists and makers still have responsibilities to their customers.

    Another tip is you can try contacting the email attached to the paypal transaction.

  6. As I mentioned to you before, you provided a DtD, and I believe its on the maker. If I get a ref sheet and I dont follow it, its on me to fix it, no matter how many times I mess up.

    Since you have to spend money constantly to ship it back, I, personally, would offer to cover the shipping AND fixes until I fixed to the suit, if it were me. If I didnt want to do that, I would offer a partial refund (But you do not have to accept a partial refund if you feel its not high enough, if the artist offers you like $20)

  7. I placed a commission order through Etsy (a marketplace site for goods, but has a category for digital) on Oct4th. Ignored Nov30th and again when I opened the case (earcly dec), which involves messaging the user in the steps.
    I placed an order and received a wip almost right away, but nothing for ages, and they did not reply to my contact attempt and I had to open an Etsy case. I left a review, and multiple people messaged me on how to actually get my refund, and that they had been scammed as well. I have gotten an etsy case to refund me.

    1- because of etsys built in timeframes for claims, I had to get my refund asap. Can I still post a beware as the artist did up and vanish on the art, even though I got a refund (forced from etsy, NOT the user, its like a paypal chargeback)
    2- I mention the other user, as I would like to suggest them to post a beware as well, but like I said, etsys timeframe window means a fast refund, they probably have a similar small timeframe too.

  8. On 11/8/2020 at 3:08 PM, Celestina said:

    Your logs show that you've reset your password multiple times since joining.  Has this always been an issue?  The logs say there were 3 failed attempts, but we also recently updated IPS.  If it only started happening recently then we'll have to report it to IPS.

    Its happened recently, and at least once before. Generally I hit a key beside (big fingers, no way to preview password) and it will lock me on first attempt. Ive waited the lock out time a few times, but Ive had to resort to resetting if I constantly get it wrong.

  9. Yes, if they continue it after being informed, and/or have an extreme reaction. I disagree with the 'without mentioning the fees.' part, as you are not allowed to have them what so ever, and I have seen people who state '$x added for paypal fee' or '$10, fees added if paying by paypal' in commission ads. I think hidden, and blatantly stated ones should be posted if the artist continues after being informed/is rude.

  10. Not sure if its normal, but I attempted to paste a link in to a beware comment, and it loads up the entire website, inside the comment box, and there was no way to get it to paste just a link, and no large preview. I ended up trying 3 times, and the final time, a small bar appeared asking if I wanted to remove the preview. (I think th firts 2 times it wasnt loading the bar) It may have been an issue from the site loading weird, as I have never attempted to paste a link before, but may I also suggest disabling link previews in general? It can end up showing NSFW content, and because I was pasting a twitter URL, it loaded the entire twitter inside the small comments box.

  11. You can lose a chargeback on invoices (my only chargebacks have been on invoices and I lost every one despite providing proof I did the work). Your best best to NOT get a charge back is let it drag on past the 180 days, which isnt very... good, and not something you really should do.

    I would honestly drop the client the first time they canceled. Its a huge red flag for someone to flop back and fourth. Especially if they are blocking you for not playing a game with them. Blacklist immediately, repurpose the work if you can.

  12. I joined a pin club, and I have not received multiple rewards I have paid for. User is ignoring me. Because patreon is a monthly thing, is there a way to get refunds through them? It was paid out from my patreon balance, and did not go through my paypal.

  13. On 1/28/2020 at 10:21 AM, Fauwcks said:

    Idk if this is the right place to put this, but this artist has shown up again under a new name (new twitter, FA, and DA). Should I update, or have the mods update the beware I made on this person? I can provide proof of it

    Provide proof to the mods to update the tag

  14. Individual said 'not really' when I asked if it was their paypal I paid. (They said it was another company, but the mailing address matches the paypal. I didnt want to cost them chargeback fees if it was their personal account and it really is a compnay) I have no idea who I paid. I started a chargeback.

    Is there anyone I can work 1on1 with a mod to submit this as a beware? Theres SO many twitter DMs and the situation is SO weird that I dont even know where to start.

  15. 19 minutes ago, Bornes said:

    - is the meet in person thing in a public place (like a convention)?

    - If you waited and did the swap, would you still be able to submit a claim via paypal?

    If the answer to those 2 is yes, then I'd just wait it out, especially if you will be in that area to meet them anyway. Then if they don't show up you can still file a claim with paypal and get your refund.


    Otherwise, I'd try to get a refund and send the thing back. I don't think you're going to get a hoodie within the specs you wanted =[

    They explained it wrong, they will be visiting my country for vacation, and want me to mail it to them here. IDK how I would be getting a refund cause they said cash. They are adamant that they are just a dude helping a friend translate, and has nothing to do with the company.

    I will likey just do a chargeback at this point.

  16. Honestly, It got a lot more complicated where the person I am talking to is just a translator, and not anyone making the hoodie, and the company is saying no refund, no remake. I thought I was commissioning a self employed furry artist, as thats how it was presented to me. I was never told it was a company or anything, I even paid the individual, and not a company.

    I am being offered a really weird meet in person in 1-2 months and swap the 1st hoodie for cash, out of the individuals pocket, and not from the company or endorsed by it.

  17. I ordered a custom hoodie. Was shown no wips. An art template and then final product. Size sheet was provided with waist and length of body. Received hoodie, arms are SUPER short, marking band on arm is smaller circumference than rest of arm. Eye color is wrong. Between me giving the mistakes and getting the artist to agree to remake, there was also trouble and they were very rude and saying I ordered wrong size and stuff. Artist admits they did eye color wrong, but mailed it anyways (later says this was not true). Later I find out English isnt their first language, so they may not have been rude on purpose, but they were saying stuff like it was my fault, and following me in a chat where I asked for advice over the eyes, saying I was being rude about them and stuff. (never once released their name or the full product)

    Again, no WIPs. See finished image and tracking number. Images are hard to see but looks like good. I dont notice the leaves or tail because I didnt expect them to change it.

    Leaves and tail are changed. Eyes are wrong color.
     I showed a light lilac/purple, and its got super dark purple eyes. Artist says that they cant match eye colors. Never told me anything about not matching the eye color, just said they would fix it. Other hoodies use light purple, so its clearly not true. Im not even super upset with the eyes, as I understand they cant match exact, but I would have absolutely preferred they try and get it to the character at least, 

    The leaves and tail are awful. The tail looks like they just put blobs, and the leaves have no details.
    Artist Says " I need to lear from all this experience and talk to the team because i clearly see some weak points to improve (all the troubles mentioned before) But thats all i can do. I think 😕"

    I can include a close up of the tails and leaves without outting the maker OR the character its for.

  18. We have asked for wips again, and no contact. We messaged them early Jan and the only reply we got was to ask if we were going to a local con, when we said no, everything has been on read since.

    No WIP shots that I asked for last time have been provided. She claimed she was having trouble on the legs, but we have yet to see any photo aside from the badly mocked up head, which was just a ball, with eyes and bad seams.

  19. Took a commission last summer. IRL issues caused a delay, and I asked if the buyer wanted a refund. Buyer didnt reply for a long time, but when they did, stated they didnt often get on FA, and they were sorry, and they absolutely still wanted the art. Sent a WIP at the start of November, and I've heard NOTHING from them. I have also left a shout asking if they received the wip.

    I sent the WIP to confirm character details, but the commission was a wing it. I would rather confirm the details because I am unsure of them. A refund is not ideal, they were very clear they wanted the art. They specifically told me they dont get online often, but it's been a vew months versus the few weeks from the other reply. I have no other contact for them, just FA name.

    Should I?
    - wait for a reply
    -finish the image and fix stuff if they reply
    -post a seeking AB

    EDIT; I actually checked his faves, and he has faved something created in 2020, so he HAS been on FA since I sent the note.

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